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Prominent producer Ashwini Dutt entered the Showbiz world at a very early age. He was a huge fan of Sr.NTR and that prodded him to make his first film Eduruleni Manishi with the great actor. The film began its shooting in 1975 and celebrated its 100 days function on March 26th, 1976.This film changed the scope and acting dimensions of Sr.NTR. His new get up, funky costumes, wigs, body language and dance steps entertained his fans as well as the common audiences. The success of this film stood like an inspiration for another blockbuster Adavi Ramudu which came later. Right from then, the similar get up trend continued for Sr.NTR till his last stage of career.

Coming to the filming of Eduruleni Manishi, it began with the song 'Kasi Ga Undhi..'. Sr.NTR knew that his look was totally different for this film and he arrived to the shooting spot. After hearing the song, Sr.NTR called Ashwini Dutt and the latter came to meet quite hesitantly.

Sr. NTR looked at the budding producer and asked, ‘Will this song be shot on me? How can I dance for this song?’. Ashwini Dutt hung his head and said calmly, ‘Sir! I am a huge fan of yours. I have a fair idea of how I can show you so that fans can rejoice. That was why I selected such storyline and wanted to cast u in it. There are many such fans like me for you and I am sure the audience will welcome this new change.’ Looking at the sincerity and passion in Ashwini Dutt’s words, Sr.NTR kept his growing age aside and shook a leg with his co-star Vanisri for this song.

The song was greatly received by the audience and it got the biggest applause and whistles in theatre. It became a great trend for Sr.NTR. During the 100 days function of the film, Sr.NTR said, ‘I just wore what my dear producer Ashwni Dutt gave me. I wore the wig he gave me. When he asked me to jump a little for a step, I jumped a little higher!’.

In short Sr.NTR transformed himself to suit the liking of his fans and admirers with amazing grace! 

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