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During the days when Telugu Film Industry was heavily centered around Madras, lyric writer Veturi was busy 24/7. He used to earn nonstop and spend the same with much more rigorous speed. In order to get some relief from regular work, he used to go for Horse races. However, he had little knowledge in which particular horse would win the race. But he used to have lot of money in his pockets! Out of ten horses in the race, he used to stake a bet on nine horses. As fate could have it, all those nine horses used to lose the race and the leftover horse used to win!

An aghast Veturi used to come back with emptied pockets. This news was known to few people and they used to stake a bet on that winning horse which was left by Veturi. Funnily, that horse used to win and they used to come to Veturi and offer their thanks.

For a legendary writer like Veturi who knew the skill of winning the lyric writing race, it is indeed sad to know that he couldn’t estimate the art of horse riding!

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