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Nata Samrat ANR managed a hit with the first film Donga Ramudu from his production house Annapurna Pictures along with his friend Dukkapati Madhusudana Rao. The film’s director K.V.Reddy is known for his discipline and strict rules. No matter how great an actor could be,  he/she should maintain silence in the sets. ANR and Dukkapati found this principle to be quite good as they also appreciate rules and discipline. They chose Adurthi Subbarao for Annapurna’s first film Thodi Kodallu. Adurthi on the other hand is totally different from K.V.Reddy. He was a jovial man and used to do his job with effortless ease and cool attitude. Whenever he was on the sets, it was a festival kind of an atmosphere with laughter, fun and enjoyment. Some actors however used to take this cool nature for granted and waste time with jokes and useless pursuits.

In one such incident, ANR was quite upset and told his friend Dukkapati, “Sir! What is this? More than the work we are getting stuck with useless talk. When will we finish the film if this continues?” Though Dukkapati understood the concern of ANR, due to obligation he couldn’t say anything to the actors. After pondering, ANR thought of a solution to this. The next day, ANR arrived at the sets before everybody else and greeted Adurthi by saying good morning. The moment this happened, the other cast and crew members came and did the same. ANR asked the assistant director to tell about the scheduled shots today and asked him to give the script. Adurthi got immediately alert looking at this move by ANR and immediately rushed to work without getting involved in jokes and chatter.

ANR understood the importance of discipline on the sets and continued the same system even after the success of Thodi Kodallu.

This is a small example from the life of legendary actor who valued discipline to be the most important aspect for a film personality!

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