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Both these personalities were passionate about discipline. While one is a star director, the other is a versatile cinematographer. They created miracles on silver screen together. Films Paatala Bhairavi, Mayabazar, Jagadekaveeruni Kadha are enough to speak mountains about their talent.

They are none other than director K.V.Reddy and cinematographer Marcus Bartley!

When these two gentlemen were on the sets, people held their breath while working. Marcus Bartley used to arrive at the shooting spot much before the scheduled time. By the time he comes, only the lighting crew should be present. The lighting crew should hand over the entire set to him and leave without a word! He used to work on the lighting department until he is totally satisfied and then say “Ready!”. Marcus never stopped working once he took over the camera till the task is completed. If he is working with a director like K.V.Reddy with whom he shared a great working chemistry, Marcus never compromised on the quality. Even legendary actors like Sr.NTR and ANR used to be humble in front of him. Marcus treated the set like a prayer room and expected complete silence in it. He never spared even star film personalities like Nagireddy and Chakrapani.

During the filming of epic film Mayabazar, K.V.Reddy was studying the script and making the artists rehearsal in the set. The producers Nagireddy and Chakrapani were having a chat in a corner of the set. K.V. Reddy stared at them seriously but when that didn’t help, he raised his voice and said, “Will you please go out?”. Nagireddy and Chakrapani know the fact that K.V.Reddy has hypertension and they coolly obliged his word.

One day, the film’s cast and crew namely ANR, Sr.NTR, Gummadi, Nagireddy and Chakrapani were sitting outside a set. ANR casually joked about something and everyone burst into laughter. Immediately, K.V.Reddy’s voice reacted like a lion’s roar from inside the set! As a result, everybody got back to their silence!

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