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Madras, the year 1970. Those were the days when filming of multistarrer Sri Krishna Vijayam under the banner Koumudi Productions was going on. The legendary actor Sr.NTR traveled in car  to the sets dressed as Lord Krishna. The film's producer M.S.Reddy welcomed the brilliant actor warmly. Everybody else in the studio were coming and taking blessings from Sr.NTR! Near the throne, character actor Nagabhushanam was also dressed in Lord Krishna attire! As he was busy rehearsing for the shot, he didn't wish Sr.NTR.

Sr.NTR couldn't recognize Nagabhushanam from distance and inquired about who the actor was. The crew members answered him politely and when Sr.NTR asked why the actor was dressed as Lord Krishna, they replied saying he would also be featured in the same role of Poundraka Vasudeva for the film. The legendary actor got furious and said, “ How can he play the role of Poundraka Vasudeva when I am doing the role?”.  When M.S.Reddy was making an attempt to explain the situation, Sr.NTR went on, “ Then why was I asked to dress this way? I'd rather remove my crown and this attire. Please get me a shirt and trouser. Would rather act as Lord Krishna in that costumes.”

M.S.Reddy was no less in anger compared to Sr.NTR. He coolly replied, “ Okay sir! However you say! Let us cancel the shoot for today and get you a shirt and trouser from tomorrow so that you can destroy the role of Poundraka Vasudeva for the film!”. Listening to that, Sr.NTR cooled down and seizing the opporutnity, M.S.Reddy continued, “Rama Rao garu.. there is a character called Poundraka Vasudeva in the holy book Bhagawatam. The character dresses exactly like Lord Krishna and even insults the latter claiming to be the real Lord Krishna.  Then the real Lord Krishna arrives at the court and kills the Poundraka Vasudeva with his chakra."

The aghast producer explained Sr.NTR that it was Nagabhushanam who was going to do this funny character, thereby convincing Sr.NTR!

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