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Though Pawan Kalyan delivers the most famous dialogue in Gabbar Singh which reads “Naaku Tikkundhi..Daaniko Lekkundhi!”  in recent trend, the implied meaning can be related to Telugu Film Industry since times immemorial. Tollywood has never been dearth of talented and experienced actors, directors, writers , technicians and in the same way these people were having their own principles relating to discipline and sternness.  This determination definitely looks like weirdness or arrogance to outsiders.

Versatile composer S.Rajeswara Rao can be named as the first person who comes under this interesting category. Yesteryear film personalities like Dukkipati Madhusudana Rao and B.N.Reddy also used to keep track of these varying moods of the composer and work accordingly. There were many instances when S.Rajeshwara Rao walked out of a project because of small differences. The most crucial film which he left was none other than the epic film Mayabazar. He was chosen as the composer initially and some composing sessions also happened. While Rajeshwara Rao does composing, he used to despise people around giving unnecessary advices, chit chat, gossips and so on. He also doesn’t like fixed timings for his work like a regular office. He used to sit in front of the harmonium only if his mood permits and composed brilliant tunes with relaxed mind. If even a tiniest change happens to this regime, things would go haywire!

During the music composing sessions for Mayabazar, the producer duo Nagireddy and Chakrapani were talking about some random topic. Rajeshwara Rao looked at them with obvious irritation and when that gaze also didn’t make any difference, he suddenly got up from his seat and walked towards a back door entry which Vijaya gardens had. He coolly walked over that door and while the crew members thought he must have gone to use the rest room, the moody music director didn’t return!

The crew were aghast and when they searched in the garden at the backdoor, it was realized that the composer left to his house! Nagireddy and Chakrapani were no less in irritability and they immediately asked playback singer Ghantasala to compose tunes for Mayabazar. In fact, the evergreen popular songs’ Neevena Nanu Talachinadhi’, ‘Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela’ and ‘Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri Lo’ were composed by S.Rajeshwara Rao. These tunes were used as it is by Ghantasala and requested the producer duo to credit Rajeshwara Rao for these songs on respectable grounds. But the producer said as the orchestration was done by Ghantasala himself, and only the tunes were given by Rajeshwara Rao, it is alright to use his name.

Similar incident happened with Sr.NTR starrer Seetharama Kalyanam in which the tune for ‘Kaanarara Kailasa Nivasa’ was tuned by S.Rajeshwara Rao. Because of some differences with Sr.NTR, he came off that project. He faced a similar situation with another moody personality Bhanumathi for her films as well.
Maybe it is true that art and moodiness always go hand in hand!

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