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Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam story at a glance

Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam is one of those rare classics where Sr.NTR was shown in contrasting roles such as Lord Krishna (Positive Role) and Duryodhana (Negative Role). The film showcases the justice principles which Lord Krishna follows by helping out Pandavas indirectly whenever they are in trouble. Interestingly, the film was directed by Sr.NTR.

The film deals with multiple sequences from Indian Hindu Epic The Mahabharata featuring Lord Krishna and his help to Pandavas in various hardships. The Act 1 features the sequences of Shakuni’s betrayal to Pandavas using his magic dice in the game and association of Duryodhana, Karna and Shakuni. It also shows the evil Wax House plan of Shakuni to kill Pandavas by residing them in a Wax Palace and setting it on fire. It also features the story of Bheema’s valour in a forest and marrying Hidimbasura’s sister Hidimba.

Act 2 features the marriage of Rukmini to Lord Krishna and how the story unfolds. Act 3 features Slaying of Bakasura, Draupadi’s marriage to Pandavas, Pandavas’s coming back to Indraprasta after their forest exile, Rajasuya Yaagam and Slaying of Sisupaala.

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    Sr.NTR is phenomenal in two contrasting roles – as the good and calm Lord Krishna and the aggressive Duryodhana.  His histrionics in both these characters were amazing and proves the acting versatility of the legendary actor.  Legendary actors like  Gummadi,  Chittoor Nagaiah, Rajanala, Kanta Rao, K.R.Vijaya acted wonderfully in their respective roles.

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    Lyrics by C.Narayana reddy, Kosaraju aid to the brilliance of the mythological epic.  The film used some original poems from Pothana in Bhagavatham. Music by T.V Raju is another asset for the film and the soundtrack features 26 songs. Direction by Sr.NTR is another fantastic aspect of the strength of the film.
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