• Cast Rajendra Prasad, Rajani
  • BannerSuresh Productions
  • Editor K.A Marthand
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Ramesh Naidu
  • Producer D Ramanaidu
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Aha Naa Pellanta (1987) story at a glance

There are countless comedy characters in Telugu Cinema which offered unlimited laughs and entertainment. But till early 80s, a new trend of Comedy Films started thanks to the Hasya Brahma Jandhyala. His characters are unique in the sense that they look so believable and like people next door- and are part of the story’s plot. The audience can instantly connect to these characters and their mannerisms and remember them for a life time. One such film which offered non-stop laughter and amazement to the Telugu Audience is Aha Na Pellanta- starring Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad in the lead.

Coming to the story of the film, our hero Kasthuri Krishnamurthy (Rajendra Prasad)  is a pampered son of Kasthuri Satyanarayana (Nutan Prasad), a rich industrialist. Satyanarayana has a peculiar habit of troubling everyone by telling his so called autobiography and making them sick! His sole aim in life is to get a suitable arranged marriage for his son, as he doesn’t believe in the concept of Love marriages- after some bitter experiences in his own life. After some funny failed attempts in getting a suitable girl for Krishnamurthy , he eventually comes to know his son loves a girl named Padma(Rajani) in hilarious consequences.

Being a considerate and caring father, he enquires about Padma’s background and comes to know that she is the daughter of Lakshmipathi (Kota Srinivasa Rao) a craziest miser from a village named Venkatapuram. It is nothing surprising to see miserliness in limited quantities but Lakshmipathi is such a crazy miser that he doesn’t like to spend even a single penny from his pocket- even for the most essential stuff.  Satyanarayana warns Krishnamurthy saying he cannot marry Padma because Lakshmipathi must have sent her just to get hold of the property they have. Krishnamurthy challenges his father saying he will convince Laksmipathy for the marriage and get him to good books- without having the image of a guy from rich family.

Laksmipathy has a funny servant named Aragundu (Brahmanandam) who struggles a lot with the miserliness of his boss. The reactions of Aragundu whenever Lakshmipathy does something crazy in showing his miserliness is another treat to watch! Rest of the film is about how Krishamurthy convinces Lakshmipathy and how the latter realizes excess miserliness is not a greatest quality to have!

  • Trade

    Rajendra Prasad excels in the role of affluent son, determined lover as well as the miserly good son-in-law to Lakshmipathy. His interaction between Nutan Prasad throughout the film is a laugh riot. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Rajendra Prasad is best remembered for Comedy roles- because of his incredible timing and histrionics. Nutan Prasad delivers another hilarious performance as a considerate father, who wants to get his son the best. His character has several shades- such as comedy, love, affection and anger! Kota Srinivasa Rao’s film career took a new turn with this movie. His role as an annoying miserly man earned so many accolades and he got many such similar roles later in his career (Such as EVV’s Aame) . His role was so influential that even till date, if anybody wants to describe a thorough miserly man- they call him Kota in Aha Na Pellanta!

    Brahmanandam gives a superb debut performance as the struggling servant to Kota in this film. His expressions, appearance and acting skills generated nonstop laughter among the audience.

    Rajani is quite good as the lady love for the lead hero, and also is a part of some excellent laughs along with Rajendra Prasad.
  • Highlights

    • Brahmanandam got introduced to Telugu Cinema with this movie, who is still continuing to generate laughter right from then!
    • The Comedy duo Kota Srinivasa Rao- Brahmanandam started with this film, which gave Telugu Cinema some unforgettable comedy even till date.
    • Rajendra Prasad is featured in a Break Dance song in the film- which is a satire on the funny lyrics and dance movements having tremendous western influence.
    • Sutthi Veera Bhadra Rao is also seen in the film as the relative of Lakshmipathy and a guest, who always gets a shock from the latter- in the form of mad miserliness!
    • Subhalekha Sudhakar acted as the bridegroom who comes to see Padma, along with his funny fat brothers Veerabagudu and Ganodharudu!These scenes are another highlight for the comedy aspect in the film!
    • Another noted actor Rallapalli has a funny role in the film- as the loyal servant of Satyanarayana’s family and got an important role to play
    • Though the film is essentially based on Comedy, it also talks about the values one must have in life. The film also says that it is needless to have such crazy level of miserliness in order to have a happy living. The relationship between father and son (Satyanarayana and Krishnamurthy) is wonderfully shown.
  • Sidelights

    D.Ramanaidu produced this film and it was a huge success. Later the same production house took another comedy film with Jandhyala’s team namely “Oho Na Pellanta (1996)” which had Harish and Sanghavi in the lead.


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