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  • Editor Shankar
  • Cinematography --
  • Music R.P Patnaik
  • Producer
  • Director
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Jayam story at a glance

Both the parents of Raghu (Gopi Chand) and Sujatha (Sada) decide to marry both of them when they come of age. But they always quarrel with each other and in one such argument both of them vow not to see each other. Sujatha’s father leaves to city and Raghu grows up in to a brat. In college, Sujatha falls in love with Venkat (Nitin). It was then Raghu sees her and falls flat for her beauty. Rest of the story is the tussle between Raghu and the couple.

  • Trade

    Director Teja made the movie with all new faces and very little budget. The movie when released attracted youth audience very much and went on to become huge hit.
  • Highlights

    • This is the first combination of Nitin and Sada. Both of them made their debuts together with this movie.
    • This is the first combination of Nitin and director Teja. Later they went on to make a dud ‘Dhairyam’.
    • Gopichand for the first time had donned the role of baddie for the film.
  • Sidelights

    • The film was remade in Tamil with the same name and the lead pair is Jayam Ravi (Debuted in this film) and Sadha (same as Telugu version). Several of the actors in the Telugu version went on to act in the Tamil version. The music and the score of both versions are the same, by R.P. Patnaik.
    • Director Teja is a hard task master. It was reported that Teja resorted to spanking the lead roles in the movie to get the required performance.


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