• Cast , Bhumika Chawla, Genelia
  • BannerKodali Movies Pvt Ltd
  • Editor Gautham Raju
  • Cinematography K. Ravindra Babu
  • Music
  • Producer Kodali Nani
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Samba story at a glance

Dharmayya Naidu (Nasser) loses his wife due to ignorance and wanted people to be educated. He finds granite deposits in his quarry and wants to sell it for the good of people. Prakash (Prakash Raj) plays a foul game and coerces Dharmayya Naidu to give the quarry as dowry. Dharmayya Naidu’s daughter commits suicide. Samba Siva Naidu – Samba (NTR), son of Dharmayya Naidu comes to know about this and decides to avenge the death of his sister. He kills Prakash’s brother, the reason for her death. Then Prakash kills Samba’s entire household.
Samba and his nemesis Prakash take shelter in Kanchi and Amritsar respectively as police ban them from entering AP for a year. Samba settles as a saree manufacturer and trader in Kanchi (Tamil Nadu). The rest of the story is all about how he returns to Seema and takes vengeance against Prakash and then starts serving in educational field.

  • Trade

    The duo of NTR and Vinayak has delivered a blockbuster earlier-Aadi. There were huge expectations on this movie from day one. But the movie failed to reach them and turned out to be a flop.
  • Highlights

    • This is the second combination of NTR and Vinayak. Earlier they had teamed up for Aadi.
    • Genelia and Bhumika paired up with NTR in the movie. Bhumika paired up with NTR earlier in Simhadri. Genelia paired up with NTR later in Naa Alludu.
  • Sidelights

    • Dialogues in the movie like “Nipputho pettukunte tagalapadi pothav. Neetitho pettukunte munigi pothav. Sambatho pettukunte chachipothav” have penetrated deep into the masses.
    • The audio release of the movie coincided with NTR’s Birthday.
    • NTR’s close aide Kodali Nani produced this movie. He later produced Adhurs as well.


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