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Balu ABCDEFG story at a glance

Ghani bhai (Pawan) is an orphan raised by Delhi's new don – Khan (Gulshan Grover). Ghani does everything instructed by Khan, until one day when he refuses to kill a girl, Indu (Neha Oberoi). Khan plans to eliminate Ghani for his betrayal, but his plan turns unsuccessful. He goes to Hyderabad along with the girl. Later the girl gets killed and Ghani renames himself as Balu and strives for her family. Rest of the story is about the challenges he face.

  • Trade

    Karunkaran had earlier delivered a super hit to Pawan Kalyan in the form of Tholi Prema. When this combination movie was announced in Vyjayanthi movies banner, expectations touched the peaks. But the movie failed to measure up to the expectations and finally ended up as an average grosser.
  • Highlights

    • This is the second combination movie of Pawan Kalyan and Karunkaran. Earlier they have worked for Tholi Prema.
    • Shriya Saran played the female lead for the first time in a Pawan Kalyan film.
    • A new comer Neha Oberoi made her filmy debut with this movie but she was not successful in making a career out of films later on.
  • Sidelights

    • Pawan Kalyan has introduced a new fashion in the movie. A particular pant used in the movie costed Rs. 2 Lakhs. Later the imitation version of the pant was also made available for sale to general public.
    • The 'ABCDEFG' tagline for the movie, abbreviating 'A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl' impressed the youth very much.


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