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  • BannerVyjayanthi Studios
  • Editor A. Sreekar Prasad
  • Cinematography Balasubramaniam
  • Music
  • Producer Ashwini Dutt, C. Swapna Dutt
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Sainikudu story at a glance

Siddhartha (Mahesh Babu) and his vibrant group of young medicos help flood victims in a locality. They later realize that a local leader Pappu Yadav (Irfan Khan) is eating away all the funds sent to the victims’ welfare. To curb this, Siddhartha contests against Pappu in the local elections. Pappu comes up with a fake bomb attack ploy over himself and he eventually wins the election with sympathy. While Siddhartha and his friends are sent to jail in that alleged attempted murder case. To teach Pappu a lesson, Siddhartha escapes from jail and kidnaps Vara Lakshmi (Trisha), the fiancée of Pappu. What happens next forms the actual story.

  • Trade

    Sainikudu was the follow up movie of Mahesh after his blockbuster movie, Pokiri. He selected a subject of student politics to impress the audience but it failed miserably and turned out as the biggest commercial dud in Mahesh’s career. 
  • Highlights

    •  This is the third combination of Mahesh Babu and Gunasekhar. They have earlier teamed up for blockbuster movies Okkadu and Arjun.
    •  Mahesh and Trisha had paired up for the second time in this movie. Their first appearance together was in Athadu (2005).
    •  Bollywood actor Irfan Khan made his first appearance in Telugu with this movie, playing the role of a baddie.
    •  Heroine Kamna Jethmalani made a special appearance in the super hit number “Orugalluke Pilla…”
  • Sidelights

    • The music of the film was released simultaneously in 10 chosen venues from five different countries – India, USA, Australia, Singapore and Dubai on the morning of 21 October 2006. The producer of the film, Ashwini Dutt arranged for a satellite transmission to relay the live audio release across the globe.
    • An assistant cameraman was electrocuted during the shooting of the movie at Devaryamjal. Some 20 to 25 members of the film crew were working inside the pool making final arrangements for the shooting when they suffered a sudden electric shock. There was some defect in the wiring of the lights inside the pool and electricity conducted through the water caused the tragedy. While all the film crewmembers managed to scamper out of the pool, the victim slipped and fell into it, dying on the spot.
    • The makers might have sensed the failure of the movie even before its release. Several scenes in the movie were reshot prior to the release but all went in vain.

Sainikudu movie stills


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