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  • BannerSri Keerthi Creations
  • Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
  • Cinematography S. Gopal Reddy
  • Music Raghava Lawrence
  • Producer M.L Kumar Chowdary
  • Director Raghava Lawrence
  • Audio release date NA

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Don story at a glance

Don is a commercially successful mass entertainer with Nagarjuna and Anushka in the lead roles. The film was directed by choreographer Raghava Lawrence and he even acted in a pivotal role in the film. The film is well known for its stunts and entertaining moments- along with showcasing Nagarjuna in a stylish getup.

The movie begins with the journey of a teenager Suri who finds a drug dealer torturing few boys. Suri fights over the drug dealer and rescues them and one of the boys in the group, Raghava wishes to join Suri. The other boys become Suri’s helpers later. After 20 years, Suri grows to Surya the Don (Nagarjuna) and his associate Raghava (Lawrence) is a huge admirer of him.  They rule the underworld of AP together until they find a threat in the form of Stephen (Kelly Dorjee) who is a nationwide Don wanting control over AP. The film continues with the confrontation between Suri and Feroz eventually leading to lot of action sequences and violence. Suri meanwhile falls for a charity loving Priya (Anushka) and proposes her. Rest of the film is about how the journey of Suri continues amidst hardships from Feroz.

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  • Highlights

    • Nagarjuna is at his usual best as the Don and looks good in every costume. He delivers the right performance in key scenes with confident dialogue delivery.
    • Lawrence is alright as the obsessive follower of the hero and is seen in almost every frame in the film alongside Nagarjuna.
    • Anushka is good as ever with her plain looks and good performance. Her chemistry with Nagarjuna works well again.
    • Kelly Dorjee is very good as the villain and excels in the histrionics department.
    • The film highly relies on the action sequences and the revenge part hence the stunts were effectively designed.
    • Cinematography by S.Gopal Reddy was crucial to the stylish look of it. 
    • The story was penned by Raghava Lawrence himself and Abburi Ravi to suit the indigenous environment.
    • Music by Lawrence and Chinna is adequate and the song Enthandanga Unnave became a hit. The film is high on production values and direction is neat.
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