• Cast , Srinivas Avasarala, Madhurima
  • BannerSri Keerthi Combines
  • Editor Baswa Paidi Reddy
  • Cinematography Loki
  • Music Chakri
  • Producer M.L Kumar Chowdary
  • Director Vamsi
  • Audio release date NA

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Saradaga Kasepu story at a glance

Srinivas (Srinivas Avasarala) completes his studies in USA and returns his hometown. Rangababu (Allari Naresh) is his car driver. Srinivas’s father (Jeeva) is a greedy person and wants his son to tie knot with Manimala (Madhurima Benarjee) who is the daughter of a rich man and retired military officer (Ahuti Prasad). Srinivas decides to swap roles with Rangababu to test the character of Manimala. Who marries Manimala forms the rest of the story.

  • Trade

    The film had quite high hype as Allari Naresh was teaming up with Vamsy but the film fell flat of expectations and ended as a flop with routine subject.
  • Highlights

    • This is first combination of Allari Naresh and director Vamsy.
    • Madhurima paired with Allari Naresh for the first time.
    • Director Vamsy crooned a song in this film.
  • Sidelights

    • The music launch of the film was held in unique way. Before the release of songs, the producers of the film organized a singing competition for aspiring young talent and made them croon songs of this film.


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