• Cast , Asmita Sood
  • BannerMulti Dimensional Entertainments Pvt Ltd
  • Editor Shankar
  • Cinematography Jawahar Reddy
  • Music Koti
  • Producer Rajat Parthasarathy
  • Director Eswar Reddy
  • Audio release date NA

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Brahmi gadi Katha story at a glance

Siva (Varun Sandesh), a final year engineering students bumps in to a troubled girl, Maya (Asmita sood) on a train. When he wants to help her, she disappears. He goes to his uncle’s (Jaya Prakash Reddy) house and there is Bhagya (Poonam Kaur), his mardalu. When Siva and Bhagya go to market, Siva sees Maya once again and runs behind her.  On a parallel track, there is a film director Brahmi (Brahmanandham) who narrates a story to Siva’s uncle. Interestingly, there is an uncanny resemblance between Siva’s story and Brahmi’s story.  What is the resemblance and what happens is the rest.

  • Trade

    The entire publicity of the movie involved Brahmanandham and as a result there is enough curiousity on the movie but as every Varun Sandesh movie in those times, the movie failed to draw crowds to theaters and it failed commercially.
  • Highlights

    • Asmita Sood, sister of Sonu Sood made her filmy debut with this movie. 
    • This is Eshwar Reddy’s only direction venture with Varun Sandesh. He did not get to direct any movie after this movie till date. 
  • Sidelights

    • Brahmanandham is the most paid comedian in Telugu. Even big films cannot afford him for more days. But despite a small movie, the makers have risked big amount on him but it did not pay off.


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