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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde review

“A 'paisa-vasool' love story!“

Posted: 13 August 2013-07:53 AM

Karthik [Nitin] is independent happy-go-lucky software professional who happens to see Shruthi [Isha Talwar] at a friend’s marriage and takes an immediate liking to her at the very first sight. Trying to woo her, Karthik seeks the help of a mutual friend Pandu [Ali], who gives him Shravani’s [Nitya Menon] number when drunk.  

While Shravani, a businessman’s kid always wanted a perfect guy who loves her unconditionally without even seeing her, eventually falls for Karthik, believing him to be the one. Assuming her to be Shruthi, Karthik woos Shravani and on the other hand unknowingly guides his friend Madhu who loves Shruthi. So, who did he really love and how did he realize his real love forms the plot of the story.

The casting was so apt and the hit pair Nithin-Nitya did the magic once again. Apart from his previous films, Nitin seemed to have mellowed in his comedy timing and in emoting sensitive scenes. Natural actress Nitya was as usually fantabulous, both in her looks and performances. While newbie Isha Talwar had to get contented with the limited space she had been allotted but looked promising with her glamor and acting [provided she works on her lip-sync for which she needs to learn Telugu a.s.a.p]. On a frank note, star comedians Ali [protagonist’s friend] and Raghu Babu [a silly goon] serve their purpose with the same wit but sadlly they haven’t been given much strain. Instead, fledgling comedian like Ravi grabs your eye-ball with his ‘gay’ character with ease though it was a low-brow episode. Similarly ‘Tagubotu’ Ramesh’s character also slips away before you could enjoy his dialogues. And also able actors like ‘Ahuti’ Prasad and Sudha did their job to remain as still and stagnant having nothing to do, perfectly. Forget not, Guttha Jwala in the item song absolutely looked naïve and uncomfortable before the camera doing exactly opposite to what the song demanded [Sorry miss, blurs supposedly have no place in a spicy item song!]. We have a bitter lip for this aspirant glamor doll. Better luck next time!

Director Vijay Kumar Konda deserves a tap because he could pick what people expect from Nitin post-Ishq and still knit a love story out of the ‘Ishq’ box. Though he couldn’t capitalize upon some key actors in his cast, the casting was good and he could extract the last drop from Nitin, Isha, Ravi and his other tyros. The lead characters are well defined with their philosophies and behaviors. But, the conflict point was told in a rather confused way but was still entertaining. The screenplay was clean and linear till the interval bang where the conflict point was brought in but when the viewer sits back with his popcorn to enjoy how it is all solved, he might lose his cool at times in the second half - unarguably it had lag. And songs were placed situationally [Thanks to the director]. Vijay did utilize Pawan Kalyan and his image to the max playing on his songs, scenes and whatnot- Witty director! The dialogues had both point and punch, still managing to be natural. Ali’s dialogue “O Madhu…O Madhu…nee kaatre needi kaadu” can’t leave anyone tickling their funny bone. There are many more waiting for you in the theatre. Finally, the director wins first-class in passing up the muster with an entertaining love story. 

Anoop Rubens is the only one who couldn’t come out of the ‘Ishq’ Trans, hence giving almost similar songs but definitely no way nearer to IshqThese songs might have got people tap their feet but they did not impress the music lovers just like “Chinnadana Neekosam…”, “O Priya priya…” and other evergreen numbers could do! An average music lover did not wait for any song except for the melody “Tuhi Re…” which was much aired in media. Last but not the least, “Yemaindi yemo…” the much touted Pawan Kalyan song remix was nothing but an ok-ok attempt that left the viewer unimpressed, proving ‘Old is Gold’. The back ground score too wasn’t imprinting but managed not to mar the scenes.

The editing was pretty much humdrum while the cinematography does leave you impressed at times. Art department had identified an exotic location for the first song “Neeve Neeve…” song and the “Gunde jaari gallanthayyinde…” song while settled back to Hyderabad for the rest. Finally Nitya Menon, we have spotted you dubbing for Isha Talwar too…you can’t trick on us dear! Good job by the way!

A cool entertaining paisa-vasool film in this scorching summer! No heart-touchings and squeezings to be expected! If All is Well, another hit for Nitin!

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