• Cast Srinivas Avasarala, Dhanya Balakrishna
  • BannerA Just Yellow Film Media Pvt Ltd
  • Editor Dharmendra Kakarala
  • Cinematography Rasool Ellore
  • Music Sri
  • Producer Gangaraju Gunnam
  • Director Gangaraju Gunnam
  • Audio release date 13 Apr 2014

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Chandamama Lo Amrutham review

“Theatre lo 2 and half hour Serial“

Posted: 16 May 2014-21:49 PM

Best friends Amrutha Rao alias Amrutham (Srinivas Avasarala) and Anjaneya Prasad alias Anji (Harish) become overnight billionaires due to real estate boom. The duo that is separated by a clause posed by Amrutham’s uncle (Chandra Mohan) eventually emerge as Business tycoons with chain of hotels in North and South India respectively. And Appaji (Sivvannarayana) who is in rags looks to trick Amrutham and Anji and ends up rejected separately. On the other side of the story Sameer (Ali), the son of an international terrorist Sin Laden and Doll Reddy (Pawani), daughter of Poll Reddy (Ahuti Prasad) fall in love in Anji’s restaurant. When Anji and Amrutham patch up to venture into a new chain of restaurants, they assure Sameer and Doll in conducting their marriage. While Poll Reddy is after the love birdies, Appaji and Chandra Mohan (Rao Ramesh), a RTC (Rocket Transport Corporation) trick the duo and sell off their Chandrayaan idea and abscond later. Anji and Amrutam are kicked down from riches to rags overnight. How did they redeem themselves and conduct their Chandrayaan journey along with Sameer-Doll wedding overcoming Appaji, Poll Reddy, Sin Laden and Chandra Mohan forms the plot of the story.

Srinivas Avasarala: He gets into the skin of the character ‘Amrutam’ and fits the bill so brilliantly. And his trademark histrionics only add to the innocence and comedy of Amrutam.

Harish: This newfound comedian who reprised the ole of ‘Anji’ (originally played by Gundu Hanumantha Rao) stood as a key asset to the film as ‘Anji’ and almost overshadowed Gundu.

Sivannarayana: Appaji character is the most favorite villain to the audience and he once again steals the show with his golden belt and golden performance.

Vasu Inturi: Our beloved Sarvam is back with his trademark comedy.

Ahuti Prasad: He is the new addition to this bandwagon and he was impressive as factionist Poll Reddy.

The rest of the cast with Rao Ramesh, Krishna Bhagvan, Ashok, Dhanya Balakrishna, Suchitra and others only make this ride more enjoyable.

Gunnam Gangaraju is a proven filmmaker. Though he is a seasonal filmmaker, when he comes, he comes with a bang. This space comedy Chandamama lo Amrutham is yet another innovative and impressive attempt. Given the fact that Amrutham falls under an individualistic genre of comedy with hale and healthy action and situational comedy unlike the conventional class of contemporary comedy, CLA is once again innovative and distinguished entertainer. His attention to detail and scrupulous efforts to make people laugh with every frame is pretty evident. However, it does give an impression of an extended version of Amrutham Serial.

First Half: It has an interesting series of events and an equally engaging narration.

Interval Bang:
Though it was predictable, it however leaves the audience with enough reasons to keep waiting.

Second Half:
This is the heart of the film with increased amount of comedy and drama to watch out for. This half has the interesting space episodes to watch and laugh out for. Though there is a lag in the narration, it never bores you down.

- The innovative storyline that gives you a reason to keep watching.
- The impressive narration that keeps you engaging.
- The hilarious scenes amplified by the performances of the lead cast make it an interesting watch.
- Good background score and serial mode re-recording pump life into the film.
- The visual brilliance and animation shall leave the kids in love with the film.

- The overall lag in the film might turn a patience-tester.
- The situational comedy with a distinguished style of clean dialogues and performances might actually leave a set of audience disappointed.

In a nutshell, the second half wins over the first half.

The most seasonal and talented composer Sree who has given many hit and memorable albums is once again back with an innovative attempt. He meets his director’s needs and delivers a much deserving album and re-recording.

The cinematography by Rasool Ellore is top-notch. The visual effects and animation were adorable. However, the editing by Dharmendra Kakarala was abit sluggish.

Chandamama lo Amrutham is an extended version of Amrutham serial with its trade mark hale and healthy comedy. Though it is not a contemporary comedy drama with typical dialogs and might leave a section of audience disappointed, all the families who wish to enjoy a clean summer entertaining serial in the theatre can watch the film…Any Doubts?

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