• Cast Dheeraj, Shankar, Swetha Pandit
  • BannerManthriks Media Works
  • Editor S R Sekhar
  • Cinematography Praveen Bandari
  • Music Chinna
  • Producer Sai kiran Mukkamala
  • Director Srinivasa Raju
  • Audio release date NA

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Theatre Lo review

“Execution dampens the idea“

Posted: 08 June 2013-19:54 PM

Four guys plan a pleasure trip to their guest house but on the way they go through some unforeseen events which eventually have a drastic effect on their future course. At the same time bunch of people get into theater to watch a movie, where again strange things happen to four particular people.

What happens to these two different sets of ‘four’ people at different places and why it happens to them, is what the film is all about. The director using a clever idea connects these two events parallelly.

All the characters are cast perfectly with everyone looking and behaving the part they are meant to be. But when it comes to the performances there is huge inconsistency with some being good in parts and others looking completely amateurish. Thankfully though, the amateurish parts are largely insignificant to the overall proceedings.
Srikanth Raghava can be considered to be leader of the pack based on his characterization and the actor does his best to be one. He puts on a consistent rigid act with no variation at all despite the scope for it.
Dheeraj is the one that comes amateurish in the overall scheme of things followed by Varun who looks good for a major part but botches up the key moments.
Finally it is Shankar who steals the show from everyone else with his performance. He is a bundle of energy and whenever he is present in a scene he makes sure all the attention focuses solely on him.
Swetha Pandit tries her best to be seductive but the end result is far from it. Her character again is poorly etched with an abrupt beginning and an end. There seems to be no purpose for her character, given its ending and therefore one gets a feeling that its added to get the comedy going in the film.
Among others the characters looking after the guest house do make an impression compared to some of the lead actors.

Direction by debutant Srinivas Raju is confident in that he gets the technical aspects right for a good idea. And while the idea is fresh the content inside it is anything but fresh. The two individual stories contain elements that are done to death and it’s what connects them that, is actually different. But even this novelty is stretched enough so that it looses its impact.

Coming to the actual content of the movie, first half thanks largely to the innovative idea and technical skills and Shankar’s performance is manageable. In the second half when the actual revealing comes, it gives a dated and repetitive vibe. The conclusion to the ‘other’ story looks silly too, making the entire film come sever notches down.
In the end Theater Lo has a passable first half with ‘length’ issues and a below par second half.

Theater lo, luckily has no songs and only background score is part of the narrative. Chinna’s BGM for the film is film’s biggest strength. He makes even the most normal and silliest of scene come alive on screen with excitement through his score.

Cinematography for the film is good and it’s due to this good work, the movie doesn’t evoke a low budget feel. Dialogues are mostly silly but they do carry punch to them.
Editing by SR Sekkhar is first rate. He cuts the film such that one never feels the emptiness of the film on screen during its run. It’s only when one is finished watching that they would realize of having watched nothing. It’s a great lesson in editing like it’s with the background score.

Theater Lo is made with an interesting idea and nothing except this interesting idea registers.

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