• Cast Kranti Chand, Sri Divya
  • BannerGodavari Cinema
  • Editor Dharmendra Kakarala
  • Cinematography Bal Reddy
  • Music Pavan Kumar
  • Producer Uma Devi
  • Director Rama Raju
  • Audio release date 29 Apr 2013

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Mallela theeram lo Sirimalle Puvvu review

“A very good poetic story!“

Posted: 02 October 2013-07:42 AM

For Lakshmi (Sri Divya) life is all about feelings, memories and fulfilling little wishes.  But her husband (George) is a completely money minded person, has some bitter feelings in life because of failures and is determined to get back his glory days by making more money.  Just because their horoscopes match, they enter into a wedlock eventhough they do not have anything in common.

Eventhough they stay under one roof, they do not have any commonalities of a husband and wife and lead a mechanical life. Lakshmi comes across Kranthi (Kranthi) who is a writer by profession and starts liking him as he always talks about life, feelings and books. She finds him satiating in her world of mechanical life but to accept it she has to first overcome the obstacle of her marital status. How does Lakshmi overcome this hurdlle? What is the bond that exists between Lakshmi and Kranthi? The journey of of life between these three characters forms the rest of the movie.

It is a film that revolves around 4-5 characters. Every act or appearance on the screen is as per the story and characterization. Especially Sri Divya personifies the image of a next door Telugu girl. After ages, a female lead was shown in sarees in most of the frames. She conveyed her emotions perfectly - let it be in dialogues or in her expressions.  Nowhere did she give the  impression that she was acting. George, Kranthi and Rao Ramesh were perfect in their respective roles.

This is an out-and-out director’s film with his taste evident in every frame. Keeping aside the regular formula , he conveyed what exactly he wanted in this film.  Director Ramaraju debuted as director with this venture and although this is a sensitive subject he did not stumble or hesitate in implementing it.  Chalam’s influence was quite clear on Ramaraju’s directional style. Just like Chalam, he spoke about Women Independence. He showed how much he loved Krishna Sastry and Athreya in many scenes during the film.  He made the story revolve around Money, Life, Love, Bondage and Human Relationships.

The story revolves around Lakshmi’s character- hence Lakshmi is seen in almost every frame of the film.  There is no scene without her in the movie. He also wrote the dialogues for the film. Every dialogue is heart touching. Generally when a serious aspect has to be conveyed, a preaching tone might occur in a scene. But Ramaraju took care so that such problem doesn’t happen. we are still living in a society where a woman leaving her husband for her loved one is a social stigma.  But when societal norms and women independence are taken into account, he showed value to the latter aspect quite well. He showed that there are still writers who write about Heart and its feelings, and their little confrontations.

Pavan Kumar’s music travels wonderfully along with the story. The songs in the movie are a testament that great music can happen if one can understand the story and the conflict between its characters.  The title Song (Mallela Teeram) has done complete justice with the tune intoxicating you with its melodious fragrance with the background score getting the maximum marks. Both the songs and the dialogues were clearly heard throughout the film.

Photography is another wonderful aspect for this film. Photographer Bal Reddy showed every scene in the film like a frame. Eventhough the story revolves around few characters, the visuals were not at all boring. The credit goes to Bal Reddy for making such a quality film within a small budget. Every scene was extremely pleasant.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there has not been such a poetic film released off late. In the age where films are treated as business ventures, it is truly a courage to make a film without worrying whether the audience will receive it well or not. There are no aspects in the film which would appeal to the masses. There is no comedy track either.  It just says that feelings are greater than money.  This doesn’t mean the film is free from flaws.  The film drags a little bit when the sensitivity gets more. In order to make the husband’s character a villain, his characterization was deliberately made abysmal.  There was no need for it at all.  When there is a husband, to love another man is slightly hard to digest!

Watch this movie if you want to feel the heart of a woman with some memories, feelings, and small wishes. It is a must to watch this film along with your life partner!

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