• Cast , Sharmila Mandre
  • BannerJahnavi Productions
  • Editor Nandamuri Hari
  • Cinematography Adusumilli Vijaykumar
  • Music Chinni Charan
  • Producer Bopanna Chandrasekhar
  • Director Devi Prasad
  • Audio release date 30 Jun 2013

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Kevvu Keka review

“Neither Kevvu nor Keka!“

Posted: 19 July 2013-07:01 AM

Bucchi Raju alias Bucchi [Allari Naresh] is a salesman in Kalanikethan survives a suicide attempt and explains his magician uncle Abrakadabra Appa Rao (Krishna Bhagvan] the reason for his suicide attempt. In the flashback, Bucchi falls in love with our heroine Mahalakshmi alias Maha [Sharmila Mandre], an unemployed MBA graduate. But her covetous father SubbaRao [MS Narayana] wishes to be rich overnight by getting a rich son-in-law to teach a lesson to his age old foe Jagadamba [Kavitha]. So, Maha bluffs Bucchi to be the owner of Kalanikethan but later the fact is revealed and in a fix, Maha challenges her father Subba Rao that Bucchi would become in about six months and marry her. Bucchi who realized that the challenge isn’t a cakewalk discovers himself to be rich in the flashback but his father was bankrupted by his two friends Thotha [Thottempudi Thata Rao] and Gottam Gopala Krishna [Ashish Vidhyarthi] in the past. So, how did the hero claim his property enjoyed by Thotha and Gottam Gopala Krishna in Bangkok and win his love forms the rest of the story.

AllariNaresh is as usually Superb in the film. Subjects of this kind are like Butter fed Education to him [we mean easy as pie job]. His comedy timing is a stunner especially in scenes like the party one where he goes with a lamely stitched suit to boast off as a businessman and the haunted scenes in Bangkok. He can generate gags out of nothing.

While the new girl SharmielaMandre is absolutely disappointing! She can be a busy heroine in Kannada but she lacked the poise of a heroine but she did pull of the job somehow.

Ashish Vidhyarthi and Kiran Rathod were the true surprises for the audience given the kind of performers they are. Though they are revered actors, Ashish still couldn’t get his lip-sink right but managed off with his body language. While Kiran Rathod was a pleaser in the meaty role she got in the film.

Yet another new face Thotha as an all brawn and no brain villain was a passing muster.

The rest of the troupe with Ali, MS Narayana and others did their job to pull this comedy wagon.

Devi Prasad was a proved director with Blade Babji, having a good hand at hale and healthy comedy. He is in a way successful in cooking up a healthy feast even this time too.

Though his story was an age old pickle, his storytelling was commendable. His healthy and beepless comedy deserves applause on the upfront. Though his characterizations were conventional, they were natural and comical. That pulled him to the shore. But his songs were pretty artificial and seem like stitched pieces.

Though the first half was a lag with flashback within a flashback, the second half was clear, engaging and hilarious here and there. And forget about the climax which is too monotonous for a routine!

With an old wine in a new bottle and some good gags now and then, he cooks time pass meal.

Bheems and Chinni Charan don’t disappoint you of whatever can be expected in a comedy film.Sorry, there are no enjoyable melodies in the film. And the back ground score by E.S. Murthy is just average. Even BGMs can tickle laughter…right?  

The item song by Mumaith Khan is truly peppy and foot-tapping.  Nothing else is Kevvu Keka.

Neither Kevvu nor Keka! A one-time watch that too if you are done with all other big films in the town!

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