• Cast Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose
  • BannerSri Sanghamitra Arts
  • Editor Sreejith Sarang
  • Cinematography Sujith Sarang
  • Music Sravan
  • Producer Neelima Tirumalashetty
  • Director Dayaa K
  • Audio release date NA

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Alias Janaki review

“Alias Torture!“

Posted: 26 July 2013-07:38 AM

Janaki Ram (Rahul Venkat) is an employee of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation who falls in love with Chaitra (Anisha) with an incident. On the other hand, there is a baddie - Maisa eyes the local Lalnagar lands and tries to encroach them by all means. Janaki Ram fights Maisa to protect the lands but the whole system around him gets corrupted and works against him. Maisa even goes on to set Lalnagar on fire. Rest is all about how Janaki Ram teaches a lesson to Maisa and the corrupt officials supporting him.

Rahul Venkat, the new boy in Tollywood from Mega family (Nephew of Mega family) does not look like a hero material. His looks, dialogue delivery and expressions were all dreadful. The debutant Anisha Ambrose is cute but have very little to do thanks to her poor characterization. The director just for the sake of saying says they are lovers but there is no chemistry at all. 1940 Oka Gramam fame Sri Ramya is a lot better than these two. Naga Babu is totally wasted in a little role. Tanikella Bharani is okay as a corrupt official. Forget about the rest!

Starting with the story, it is stone aged story and the bad direction and screenplay made it even worse. Things started off well initially but in the middle, the director lost track of what he is doing and what he needs to do. You can feel that just after the interval, he just keeps on adding the scenes to pass time till the climax. As a result, even a 105 minutes movie tests the patience of the audience. A very bad movie for Daya to begin his career.

Shravan’s music is super cool but they are not used to good effect. Songs like "Kadal Prema","Koncham Koncham", "Maarinade " are soothing to ears.

Sujith’s cinematography is excellent and Sreejith’s editing could have been a lot better. Director Daya also wrote the dialogues and composed fights and dances which are bad as well.

Alias Janaki is one of the rare instances where every thing goes wrong. Half hearted effort combined with lack of proper experience and poor utilization of resources had resulted in one more loss venture for Neelima Tirumalasetty (Producer). Dear Readers, Needless to say, you can safely give it a miss!

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