• Cast Prince, Dimple chopade, Manasa, Ritu
  • BannerGood Cinema Group and Maruthi Media House
  • Editor Uddhav
  • Cinematography J Prabhakara reddy
  • Music Sai Karthik
  • Producer G Srinivasa Rao
  • Director Swamy
  • Audio release date 29 Jun 2013

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Romance review

“Full of nonsense“

Posted: 02 August 2013-07:36 AM

Krishna (Prince) is an aspiring film maker. With his short films, he manages to impress a local goon (Venu Gopal) who wants to produce movies. The movie begins with Krishna narrating his own story to the goon. In the story, Krishna is in the hunt of a 'PERFECT' (Virgin) girl friend. His friend, Bluetooth Babu (Sai) tells him a 4 point formula to identify such girl. Krishna impresses a girl Lalitha (Manasa) but ditches her as she is not the PERFECT one. Later he eyes Anu (Dimple) who fits in his aspirations and goals. When Anu too falls for him, his past is revealed to her and she deserts him. At the same time, one more twist takes place in Krishna's life. What is it and what happens to Krishna's personal and professional life has to be seen on big screen.

Two film old actor Prince always looked 'Average' in his career and he is no different in this third film too. The debutant, Dimple stole the show with her oomph and glamour. Performance wise, she is just okay. The other girl, Manasa just managed to get pass marks in all the departments. Maruthi's find, comedian Sai Kumar is not so effective in this movie except for few scenes here and there. Rest of the actors are okay/just okay in not so mention-able roles.

July seem to be bad month for debut directors. After Daya with Alias Janaki, 'Darling' Swamy is a new entrant to the club. Interestingly, Swamy who is famous for his writing skills failed in the dialogues department too. And due it, entertainment factor is also nullified. The story is quite similar to movies from Maruthi's stable but the screenplay and treatment are total let downs. Direction is intolerant, May be it is better if he is back to his past.

Except for the interval bang and few parody scenes in the second half nothing is impressive in the movie. The hostel scenes which come in the second half irritates the audience like any thing.

Sai Karthik is small cinema's safe bet music director. His work too is 'small'. He just manages to score average marks in his movies and one more such album is romance. However, the songs are neatly shot. Back Ground Music is also just about average.

J Prabhakar Reddy's camera work is good. The screen is colourful but there is no much technique involved. Editor SB Udhav should have done more justice for the money he got. Production values by Good Cinema Group are good.

This is the first movie of Maruthi in which he is not involved in 'Story-Screenplay-Direction-Dialogues'. He only confined himself to production. That may be the reason why Maruthi's midas touch is not transferred to this movie. The first half of the movie is bearable and second half tests you patience to the maximum levels. And its a first failure for Maruthi's team

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