• Cast Sri, Supraja
  • BannerBlockbuster Studio
  • Editor Mohan
  • Cinematography I Martin Jo
  • Music Gunvanth
  • Producer Sohail Ansari
  • Director Sajid Qureshi
  • Audio release date 29 Jul 2013

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Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing review


Posted: 14 August 2013-08:57 AM

This is the story of Vijay (Srinivas) and his three friends Saleem, Balaji and Shiva. Srinivas, a working young man who is about to marry his long love Sandhya (Supraja) suffers from Short term memory loss due to an accidental head injury during a friendly gully cricket match. With few days left for Vijay’s marriage, how did his friends who lately diagnose his ailment try to adhere the wrecked up aftermath furtively forms the plot of the film.

One is obviously left in a dilemma whether a tyro actor like Srinivas should be appreciated for signing up a character like this that can take him nowhere. Except for his dreary “Emaindi..manam cricket aadutunnam…” that repeats on like an age old gramophone record, nothing is noteworthy about his performance.

Supraja, the heroine in the film should be feeling grateful for being offered a debut on the silver screen – kindly skip off the topic of performance.

While senior comedian Raghu Babu and budding talents like Saleem and Balaji managed to gain the countable gags in the theatre, without whom the film would have been a disastrous disaster!
The rest can be simply ignored.

The film being a point-to-point remake of the Tamil Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is certainly a bold and innovative attempt. But, translating the success along with the story is the real challenge for a debutant director like Sajid Khureshi. With a rich experience in production and post-production segments, he could have given a genuine attempt at adapting a hit film into an entirely distinct set of audience and still recreate the magic.

The first half was testing anyone’s patience while the second half emerged as the knight in the shining armor for the film. Except for a few gags here and there, the rest is our job to tickle our own ribs to laugh. With feeble performances, comedy ridden content, mediocre dialogs, so-so songs and predictable climax, how can anyone assure of a success. Since it is an already told film, he should have worked out on the treatment of film that suits the Telugu atmosphere better, which would have rescued the film from being a debacle.

They say comedy is the toughest one to grab a hand on and Sajid should have learnt it the hardest way.

Gunvant, the new face in T’town is a promising composer for sure but have failed to give some catchy numbers for a small scale films like this. Instead his re-recording has saved him. 

The number “Saradaga…” has grabbed the eye for a while and nothing else is noteworthy to mention.

This comedy film should have definitely had some pages missing in its script which makes it tasteless and thus a safe miss. You want to kill some time and is any one sponsoring you and that too on a small screen? Then this is the film! 

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