• Cast ,
  • BannerAnnapurna Studios Presents
  • Editor Gowtham Raju
  • Cinematography Arun Kumar
  • Music
  • Producer Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao
  • Director Sai Karthik
  • Audio release date 22 Jun 2013

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Adda review

“A romantic entertainer with 20% love and 20% entertainment [The rest is LPG]“

Posted: 15 August 2013-07:59 AM

Abhi (Sushanth) is a happy-go-lucky self-employed guy whose fulltime job is to conduct register marriages for eloped couples and part-time job to ruin “fake relationships” [according to him]. Abhi severs one such relationship of Jagadeesh and Siri on the request of Siri’s father. Priya (Shanvi), the younger sister of Shankar Patel (Nagineedu) anda fashion designer by profession is a tomboy and a non-believer of love. Deva (Dev Gill), the maternal son-in-law of Shankar Patel who longs to marry Priya’s sister and grab his power and prosperity is our antagonist.

Priya having known of Abhi wants him to break her sister’s (Suhasini) relationship (with Avasarala Srinivas) dreading her dad would not approve and kill them. Priya cuts a deal with Abhi to sever her sister’s relation but in the due course develops feelings for Abhi and same is the case with Abhi as well. Priya makes a sudden decision of withdrawing her plans to break her sister’s relation but Abhi who is unaware of this, wrecks it up in his own fashion.Priya starts hating him for being so stone-hearted and also knowing that he accepted Rs. 10 lakhs from Deva to breakup with her. But to our astonishment, Priya’s sister elopes with her love which in turn leads to the fixing of Priya’s marriage with Deva.

So, why did Abhi accept money? Did he really love her? If so how did he win Priya are some of the questions left upon us to find out.

The third gen Akkineni hero Susanth as usually gave his 200% to come out of the pit. He has tried out the conventional ‘care-free and persistent lover’ character with a comedy tinge that would appeal to the masses. He also tried to prove that he is not the typical wooden legged dancer and manages to pass the muster [Please don’t ask us beyond that!]
This newbie in the town is certainly going to stay – she has announced the message! She has been fortunate enough to get a meaty role in her debut film instead of our traditional three scenes and six songs – Lucky girl! She looked drop-dead gorgeous and on top of it, she can act, dance and get her dialogues correct – all good traits of a successful heroine. Now, Shanvi as ‘Priya’ did a fab job making the much essential cut. Absolutely love!

After Magadheera, it is certainly indigestible to see him in conventional antagonist roles like these but he has to survive – understandable! As ‘Deva’, he got his act right in whatever he has been offered. But once he gains a grip over the language, he can spin out good comedy.

Comedians Raghu babu, Dhanraj, Venu, Thagubothu Ramesh and Ravi managed to gain few gags but only if the script could have been more hilarious!

Actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao and Nagineedu are unfortunately underutilized. And the rest weren’t the odd patches.

G. Karthik Reddy just managed to cook up a passing muster meal in his debut attempt. With multiple responsibilities like Script, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction, he ended up as a Jack of all trades but master of none!

‘Adda’ – a trendy title with innovative hero characterization and a decent heroine but what about the story? He seems to have focused upon his hero, heroine and lost the rest in out-focus. A protagonist finds his/her meaning only with an equally good antagonist. But, the film neither had a decent antagonist nor a proper conflict.

The first half was sluggish and interval was pretty much predictable. We are still trying to figure out the reason behind the heroine not approving the hero’s love or why didn’t she clarify that she disclose her love for him- May be the director instructed so. The second was a better fare with Raghu babu’s comedy and Ravi-Ramesh-Dhanraj- Venu track. But, few dialogues like “Vasthu prakaram ollunte saripodu…” and “Dabbunte costly kukkosthundi kaani adi thokaoopalante koncham prema chupinchali…” are impressive. The screenplay was unsound and all his effort in the logic-finding in love has in fact created no love and no sense as well.

But, he could get some good music to the ears and hasn’t disappointed with the picturization of the songs – treat to the eyes and eyes. Apart from the above, he deserves a tap of encouragement because he didn’t seem a dud in the very debut attempt.

Anoop Rubens is riding high and he hasn’t disappointed us. If the film has appealed to you, it is predominantly because of some good re-recording and some very good music. His refreshing tunes may not be instant hits this time but are definitely hot tunes. Especially the Baba Sehgal’s title track, the Swetha Bharadwaj’s “Hay Oolala…” track are irresistibly hot numbers and not to be forgotten the romantic “Ninne Ninne…

The item number “Hay Oolala…” which has a remix of King Nag’s “Kannepettaro…” in bits and pieces was decent tune to the ears but was a dud to the eyes. With no ‘wow’ elements in the song, the number was a huge let down.

Cinematographer Arun Kumar did a decent job – this romantic entertainer appeals colorful and lively because of him!

A paisa vasool for the hardcore Nag fans while the rest can also dare give it a shot!