• Cast , Dimple chopade
  • BannerS K Pictures
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography Raana
  • Music Gopi Sundar
  • Producer Suresh Kondeti
  • Director R Madhan kumar
  • Audio release date 13 Aug 2013

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Mahesh review

“Mind block chese Mahesh“

Posted: 20 September 2013-05:00 AM

The story is about a lazy engineering student Shiva (Sundeep Kishan) who falls for his college mate Sandhya (Dimple Chopade). Shiva is aided by Vasanth (Jagan), and together they are a trouble store. In the process they also bring the much needed laughs on screen. Shiva with his attitude causes problems to everyone around and he never bothers about their reactions.

Hell breaks loose when Shiva and Sandhya get married and their relationship takes a U turn with the introduction of a new character Mahesh. Shiva suspects his wife and he embarks on a quest with Vasanth to find Mahesh.

This makes you wonder where the story is heading and with an untimely twist it makes the happenings worse. One calls it love and the other calls it a marriage of convenience.  Who is Mahesh and how is he related to the couple and their life? The answer to this question forms the rest of the story.

Sundeep is cool and casual in his role. But his potential is not harnessed by the director. At all times, he tries to throw a wisecrack or a gag at the audience and fails when it comes to deliver.

Dimple is a glam doll and she looks sweet. However, the limited scope for her role in the script doesn’t allow her to push the envelope. So she just resorts to been-there-done-that kind of performance.

Jagan helms the entire film on his shoulders and can be called the saving grace for it. His character puts the comic quotient of the film on a high note. 

Director R. Madhan Kumar wanted to make an adult comedy and never bothered about the feelings of the audience. Most of the jokes are hurting. The witty one-liners may shine at times but an overdose of them slips you into boredom. He starts on the movie on a comedy note and in the middle gives it the shape of a thriller. This is so unwarranted and the tonal shifts are unbearable. Some characters become erratic and after some time the humor becomes repetitive. This kills the film to an extent. 

The songs composed by Gopi Sundar are quite mundane but the director ensured to add loads of style to them. Background score can be mellowed down as it’s over-shadowing the scenes at most of the times. 

Cinematography by Raana increases the visual appeal of the film. The songs have been shot stylishly. The witty and ‘double meaning’ dialogue works in some scenes but overall it gives the feeling of a shoddy product. The length of the film is also a major concern and it could have been easily chopped by 20 minutes. 

Mahesh is a story that’s run-on-the-mill and replete with loopholes. Even after the twist it treads a normal path and offers nothing new. The director couldn’t generate drama out of the characters and scenes, and of course, some good performances from the actors. Mahesh is a unipolar film that targets youth with overdose of adult humor. However, it couldn’t sustain the same tone and tempo all through the film.