• Cast Chaitanya Krishna, Chandini, Kavitha
  • BannerSri Karunalayam productions banner
  • Editor Prawin Pudi
  • Cinematography Satish Mutyala
  • Music Nandhan Raj
  • Producer Sri Prawin
  • Director Sri Prawin
  • Audio release date NA

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Kaali Charan review

“Blood and gore kills it“

Posted: 08 November 2013-13:55 PM

The story dates to 1980 in Nalgonda district, AP. Kaali Charan (Chaitanya Krishna) lands up in jail after he kills a key follower of a local politician, Pasupathy (Pankaj Kesari). While Pasupathy is seething with vengeance, another Politician (Rao Ramesh) rescues Kaali from jail and wants him to enter politics.

However, his father (Nagineedu) wants him to stay away from all this and takes him to another place. Kaali asks his girl friend Teertha (Nandini) to forget him. But once she attempts suicide, Kaali marries her. Rest of the story is about what happens to Kaali and where it lands him.

Kaali Charan is a very intense story and it requires lot of character to portray such role. Chaitanya Krishna excelled in it with powerful expressions and good diction. Debutant Chandini did well as Kaali Charan's Love. Pankaj Kesari is sufficient in the role and Kavitha Srinivas who played his concubine is excellent in the role. Nagineedu is at his usual self as hero's father. Rest of them are okay.

Gaayam 2 fame Prawin Sri had got mixed results with this movie. He chose a routine story, calling it a real story does not help as there are numerous old movies with the same revenge plot. He also faltered in interestingly narrating the story. Added to it, too much of bloodshed and gore killed the effect. Also the romance track is a huge speed breaker.

The only good part about him is that he derived perfect performances from his cast.

Nandan Raj's songs were okay. The back ground score given by Niranjan enchanced the effect of few scenes.

Two cinematographers - Viswa and Satish worked for the movie and both of them did an excellent job. It is hard to even notice that two people worked for the movie. Art work is excellent and editing could have been a lot better.

Just like Ram Gopal Varma losing his sheen, his Sishyas also seem to be taking the same path. Kaali Charan is powerful only in its title but the movie as a whole is toothless. There are no exceptional qualities in the film which should tempt our readers to watch it in theaters.


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