• Cast Harshavardhan Rane, Sri Vishnu, Vithika Sheru, Ritu Varma, Sree Mukhi, Harish
  • BannerLucky Media
  • Editor Goutham Nerusu
  • Cinematography Karthik Gattamneni
  • Music Shravan
  • Producer Bekkam Venugopal
  • Director Pavan Sadineni
  • Audio release date 24 Oct 2013

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Prema Ishq Kaadhal review


Posted: 06 December 2013-05:26 AM

Ranadheer a.k.a Randy (Harshavardhan), a passionate musician, Arjun (Harish Varma)- a casinova type Radio Jockey, Raju (Vishnu Vardhan) - an aim less happy-go-getter find their loves in the name of Sarayu (Vithika Sheru), a CA aspirant, Santhi (Sree Mukhi) - a software employee, Sameera (Ritu Varma)- a costume designer respectively. Each one has an individual love track that gets turbulent eventually. Away from the routine, where their love stories end, forms the plot of the story.

Everyone from a newcomer to popular faces like Satyam Rajesh, Josh Ravi gave a gem of a performance. They were all subtle and serving to the purpose. Not to be forgotten is 'Raju' (Vishnu Vardhan) who looks the right boy-next door and rightly represents a common Telugu lover. He was so impressive with his Konaseema accent, diction and performance especially in the second half he almost makes you shed tears if you are so senti-type of a person. All the lead ladies were gorgeous and intelligent actors. They gave exactly what their director wanted! (Guys!!! We mean action. Please, don’t be smart). 

Established comedians 
Satyam Rajesh as ‘MillineumMahanama’ and Josh Ravi as ‘guitarist Dolly’ pumped giggles and life into the movie at right moments - A healthy comedy indeed!

We would certainly be a bad critic if we can’t appreciate this first timer. Though the point of "Come what may, Life has to go on" is an age old point, the director had a good sense of storytelling! He knew the beat of the contemporary love stories. Here, we must appreciate him. We tell you, the line is decade old n so predictable but the way he handled all the three love-stories is impressive. We are not lost anywhere like other multi-screenplay films. The way he extracted the performances from the new faces, he dint seem like a first-timer too!

All his characters were so real and lovable. He got all the other vital crafts like Dialogues, Cinematography, Editing, Music right in place that he could actually deliver a hit without eating formulas. Now appraisal apart, technically speaking though the first half was a little sloggish, it was entertaining. The interval was so predictable and in a way a relief for the popcorn lovers. The second half was a bit pacy and the second plot point came late. But good that the director managed to wind up before it gets venomous to the story.

In a nutshell, Praveen - you looked absolutely bright and promising.

Music composer Shravan is the one who brought the film into light with his refreshing tunes. Music & background score are the spine of a love story. He took the urban lots to a pleasant evening walk with his guitar beats. But the re-recording mostly relying upon other film tunes was disappointing. If the music is good, background score is naturally expected to be good - but thumbs down for this one!

The cinematography, editing and dialogs deserve a special mention here. The guest appearance of ‘Back Bench student’ fame director Madhura Sreedhar was good.

 Neither a classic nor a cult, just a feel-good film! You don’t regret going to this on a free-ticket in a free-time!

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