• Cast , Poonam Kaur, Asmita Sood
  • BannerColours and Claps Entertainment
  • Editor Thammiraju
  • Cinematography Santonio Terzio
  • Music Sri Chakravarthy
  • Producer M. Subba Reddy
  • Director Krishna Reddy Gangadasu
  • Audio release date 30 Oct 2013

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Aadu Magadura Bujji review

“Full headache ra Bujji!“

Posted: 07 December 2013-05:34 AM

Siddhu (Sudhir Babu) is a fun loving college student who falls in love with Indu (Asmita Sood). While Siddhu is falling behind Indu, her brother, Cherry (Ranadir) always comes in Siddhu's way. To divert him, Siddhu hooks him to Anjali (Poonam Kaur). Then, Shankar (Ajay) comes in to picture between Cherry and Anjali. It is revealed that Anjali is the daughter of a political bigwig (Suman) and Shankar is her uncle who wants to marry her at any cost for political benefit. Indu wants Siddhu to solve her brother's problem. What does the hero do forms the crux of the story.

Sudhir Babu appeared very matured in his last outing Prema Katha Chitram but he falls flat again when acting in a mass role. His dialogue delivery, expressions have not at all suited to the role. However, his efforts in dances, developing physique and fights are commenable. Asmita Sood gets a meaty role but failed to pull it off. Poonam Kaur is okay. Rachana Maurya is super hot in the item number.

Ajay is decent in a role almost tailor made for him. Ranadir is unimpressive. Naresh, Pruthvi, Suman were all wasted in poorly written characters. Rest of them do not even deserve a mention.

Debutante Krishna Reddy gets a forgettable first outing. The story itself is a routine and you remember hundreds of films made on the lines earlier. Added to it, the screenplay is blatant and treatment is very bad as well. The second half and climax takes the restlessness of the audience to the next level. Only a comedy sequence involving a dog is interestingly narrated.

Sri Kommineni's songs are just about okay and back ground music is just not any different. Rachana Mourya's item number is oozing glamour and is a treat for mass audience. Rest of the songs are poorly shot.

Cinematography by Santonio Terzio is okay and Editing by Bikkina Thammiraju could have been a lot better especially in the second half. Production values are good. Fights and dances are neatly choreographed.

Aadu Magadra Bujji is that kind of cinema where you see every thing going wrong. Only two things stand out in the movie- a comedy sequence involving a dog and Sudhir Babu's well chiseled body. The dog track lasts for few minutes and the six pack is restricted only to a song, we will NOT suggest the movie to audience for that two.

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