• Cast Rahul, Rajeev, Shravya
  • BannerCreative Commercials
  • Editor Uddhav
  • Cinematography Arun K Surapaneni
  • Music Mahit Narayan
  • Producer K Vallabha
  • Director Govi
  • Audio release date 24 Nov 2013

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Love You Bangaram review

“Anthaa Maruthi Maaya“

Posted: 24 January 2014-10:06 AM

Akash (Rahul) works as an assistant manager for a company. Despite being a good chap, he suffers from low confidence levels. He cannot do any work with confidence and vigor. Meenakshi (Sravya), a complete opposite of Akash falls in love with him and the couple get married.  Akash is head over heels in love with Meenakshi and is ever ready to do anything for her. However, he has an inner fear that she might slip out of his life. Meenakshi expresses her will to work as she feels bored at home and Akash obliges it.

But from then, the suspicion bug hits Akash. He feels that another guy is in Meenakshi’s life. Right on time, Meenakshi’s teenage lover (Madan) comes to the scene. As a result, Akash’s suspicion grows stronger as days pass by. Is Meenakshi really on the wrong track? Or is it just Akash’s imagination? How is the atmosphere in Meenakshi’s new office? What is the relationship between Madan and Meenakshi? - forms the rest of the story.

Rahul couldn’t make an impact on the audience after Happy Days. Despite rigorous promotion as hero after Happy Days, Rahul couldn’t make complete justice to this role. The biggest minus for this film are the hero and the heroine. When the lead roles fail to perform well, what is the use of good story and screenplay? Rahul paled down in terms of performance. His diction and dialogue delivery falls short of emotion. In fact, he delivered every dialogue in the same manner.

Coming to the female lead, we would wonder how and why she was casted for this role! She could neither perform well nor looked beautiful. To make things worse, she was made to expose as well.

Rajiv has limited screen presence and doesn’t even have any lines. The villain who arrives at climax gives a scare to the audience. Looks like Maruthi brought the actors from Tamil Cinema who frequently appear as sadists. Apart from these aspects, there is no noteworthy character in the film.

This is the first film for Govi as a director. But Maruthi’s influence seems to have played more. Because of it, Govi’s actual style wasn’t evident in the film. Dialogues and Story were by him. Story lacks power and there is extreme vulgarity in the dialogues. Every scene had at least one double meaning dialogue. The story lacks pace and it doesn’t progress at all. The episode before marriage was uncalled for.

With a story having little crime element, it would have been good if the story directly gets launched. Instead of that, he showed Love, Marriage and Romance with commercial point of view in mind.  Director doesn’t seem to like Software Professionals and there were many satires on them. In a huge software company, neither of the employees work. They booze, and spend time watching blue films. The director’s viewpoint on Women, Love and Sex are reflected throughout the film.

JB’s background score is good. But the scenes lack the worth which music created. In order to justify the title, the background score had chants of “Love You Bangaram...Love You Bangaram” throughout. The director seems to have kept special focus on picturizing songs and it is again having too much of romance. There is a bed room song as well.

Cinematography is the only worth mentioning aspect of this film. The cameraman showed the film without giving it an impression of a small film. It is commendable that despite limited budget, the cinematographer did a great job.

Lot of Editing work was pending and there are no sharp cuts. There is ample lag as well. With duration of two and half hours, nothing would have lost if even an hour of film was cut.

Maruthi relied on vulgarity yet again. If he strongly believes that whatever he wants to say should be intermixed with vulgarity, there is little we can do. But he if wants to change, the sooner it happens, the better!

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