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Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda review

“Idhi 'Manchu' Bambholajambha!“

Posted: 31 January 2014-09:56 AM

Naidu (Mohan Babu) is a tourist guide by profession working in Bangkok. He has three sons (Manoj, Tanish and Varun Sandesh). While Naidu is strict in principles and ideologies, his sons are completely in contrast to him. Naidu also has a flashback where he loves a rich woman (Raveena Tandon) thirty years ago. When her father (Dasari) demands Naidu to earn 5 Lakh rupees in order to marry his daughter, the latter gets engaged in that mission. By the time he earns the money and returns, her family’s whereabouts go unknown. Since then Naidu lives in grief missing his lady love.

Now, coming to the present timeline, he suddenly comes to see her in Bangkok. She has two sons (Vishnu, Vennela Kishore). By knowing the past of these two people, Hani (Haniska) gets Naidu and his lover married. Hani and Vijju (Vishnu) are in love. But a gang from India arrives in Bangkok in search for Hani. They take her away forcibly back to India. They are the gang of Suyodhana (Mukesh Rishi). Why was Hani taken away? How do our Pandavas plan in several disguises to get her back? The rest of the film deals with these questions.

Mohan Babu: After ages we can see Mohan Babu deliver dialogues in his signature style and dance in songs. One of the songs is a duet. However, his makeup was overdone.

Manoj and Vishnu were alright. While the first half was dominated by Vishnu, Manoj took the front seat in the second half. Manoj’s lady attire can be termed as one of the plus points.

Varun Sandesh and Tanish didn’t have much to perform.

Vennela Kishore had slurring dialogue delivery which couldn’t generate laughs.

Coming to the female leads, RaveenaTandon was adequate. While Hansika acted beyond her wits in the first half, Praneetha offers a glamour treat in the second half. 
Apart from that, there is nothing significant to talk about their performances.

Brahmanandam is a scapegoat in the film.

Raghubabu and M.S.Narayana were wasted.

The only relief was to see Katraju- who is always confined to negative roles to act in a comedy role for this film.

People who watched Srinu Vaitla films wouldn’t find anything new in this. Gopi Mohan, Kona Venkat and BVS Ravi- these three writers worked with Srinu Vaitla till now. Though they left his team, the style remains the same. Despite the heavy story back drop and having too many heroes, they sketched up the film in a routine style. Hero and his gang entering in the villains abode, making a fool of the villain and a heavy duty climax leading to “The End” card.

It was like watching an old film on a DVD repeatedly. With so many heroes, and being well aware of their comedy timing- the story, screenplay and dialogues could have been more crisp. Instead of that, they chose to follow the routine formula.
->Disastrous second half shattered the little respect earned by the first half.
->The audiences feel doubtful that Kona Venkat’s team is unaware of any other storyline except this. The fun elements in villains house also becomes annoyingly routine. Will a blood thirsty villain transform so dramatically having witnessed a suicide in his house? Isn’t it heights of comedy?
->Oh…coming to the aspect of Comedy, the director Sri Vas seemed to have designed every role in the film with the intention to make the audience laugh. He must have imagined that every scene would tickle the funny bone of the audience.
->There is absolutely no relation between his imagination, vision and what has been executed.
->The comedy is essentially cheap. The lady attire of Manoj managed to generate few laughs but even that went overboard.
->The introduction sequences of five heroes
->The fun moments in Bangkok
->The elevation of storyline

With two music composers Bappi Lahari and Achu, only two songs were good (Each one should have given one). There was no trouble for Re-recording at all because many old songs were used in the background. 

The film is too weak in the writing department- Story, Screenplay and Dialogues.Cinematography is strictly average. Editing could have been more brisk.

It is a mistake to fail making an experimental film. But it is a blunder to make a routine film look even more routine. The director failed to give the entertainment which the audience would expect from a multi-starrer film. Despite having five heroes, the film couldn’t give the kick of even a single hero film.

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