• Cast Srikanth, Mano Chitra
  • BannerHaritha Entertainments
  • Editor V Nagireddy
  • Cinematography Vasu
  • Music Raghu Ram
  • Producer Mallela Sitaramaraju
  • Director Uday Raj A
  • Audio release date NA

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Malligadu Marriage Bureau review

“Forget this marriage bureau ever existed, Can give it a miss!“

Posted: 08 February 2014-12:01 PM

Malli (Srikanth) runs a marriage bureau. He follows the concept of getting weddings happen by hook or crook. He even gives his clients a guarantee of one year for a wedding. He makes some good savings out of this matrimonial job. Chitra (Sireesha) an insurance agent has a hatred for marriage. Malli takes up a challenge of making Chitra agree for marriage. Bobby (Vennela Kishore) has a different story in which he fails in love and attempts suicide. Malli saves Bobby and promises him that he will get the former married.

Malli takes money from Chota Bhai (Brahmanandam) to search matches for him. Will Malli accomplish his tasks successfully? Why he is determined to earn money? What is Malli’s background- forms the rest of the story.

For an actor like Srikanth who acted in 100 films till now, there is nothing new to be done in this. Moreover, he looked very artificial in his performance. This was quite evident in his emotions and expressions throughout the film. Generally Srikanth adds more value to a good scene but in this film he couldn’t do anything of that sort. The main reason is the lack of  a meaty story. This film proved again that Srikanth should come out of the Hero image barrier.

If an experienced actor like Srikanth couldn’t do anything, one can imagine the plight of newcomer Sireesha. She was like a wax statue throughout the film. The lip sync wasn’t perfect. To make things worse, there is no relation between her dialogues and the expressions she put forth.

It is the fault of director and writer to make even a star comedian Brahmanandam go pale in the film. Telangana Shankuntala, Posani Krishna Murali and Kashi Viswanath acted in forgetful roles.

What can one tell about the director who made a forgetful film despite having a good title, a subject with ample scope of entertainment, and senior actors? The director Udayaraj’s lack of experience was evident in every frame of the film. There is good substance in the story, but the director didn’t make any effort to turn it a good film.

The scenes just go sequentially but the audience never feel good about any single scene. The camerawork and the way each scene begins are so close to a daily serial style. The director must have felt the presence of actors in frame is enough to make a good film.

The screenplay is very dull and predictable. To make things worse, the runtime of the film is nearly three hours. There were scenes which are worth to be ruthlessly cut and taken off the film. The editor’s job didn’t go well apparently because the director didn’t feel like removing even one scene from the film. As a result, the film gets damn boring.

Raghuram’s tunes neither sound good to ears nor picturized well onscreen. A feeble re-recording adds to the menace.

Camerawork was so mediocre giving the film a daily serial look. Even serials are far better these days. The film seemed to have been finished with the idea that it would fetch at least satellite rights. The dialogues had double meanings in few scenes and lacks life in the rest. Every technical department of this film would score below average marks only.

We can definitely say that Malligadu Marriage Bureau would be the No:1 most forgetful film out of 100 films Srikanth has acted till date!

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