• Cast Naveen Chandra, Ritu Varma
  • BannerHarivillu Creations
  • Editor Prawin Pudi
  • Cinematography Kumara Swamy
  • Music T Atchu
  • Producer P Vajrang
  • Director T Satya
  • Audio release date 19 Oct 2013

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Na Rakumarudu review

“Rakumarudu Kaadu RodKumarudu“

Posted: 23 February 2014-01:42 AM

Vaishnav (Naveen Chandra) is good looking, arrogant and proud son of a rich business man in Hyderabad. He enjoys a good following among girls and makes fun of all those girls falling for him. His notion is to marry a girl whom he loves not those who love him. On the other hand, Bindu (Ritu Varma) is not interested in studies, already a well-known brat at her college.

While her mother (Sitara) wants her daughter to be well-educated. Bindu falls for Vaishnav, who keeps ignoring and making fun of her. Vaishnav rejects Bindu and flies off to America for higher studies. Desperate Bindu tries to end her life. Who saves her andhow did the duo unite at the end forms the rest of the story.

Naveen Chandra appeared pretty, coming out of his mass look of his previous films. His performance is good but inappropriate at times. For instance, in most emotional scenes, he lies calm as Lord Buddha in Husain Sagar. Instead of ripping the shirt in fights, our hero makes his exhibit in songs where it is actually not necessary. Dances are Okay though.

Ritu Varma looks good and delivers needed action for an average film. There is nothing much done by the remaining cast worth mentioning exceptadding to the menace.

Satya, coming from the school of Puri Jagannadh, delivers a dud with a simple story line and feeble plot. Producers must have thought that there will be some magic in the film as the director comes from Puri’s school. Flimsy characterization, shoddy screen playand especially the insipid dialogues – absolutely disappointing.

He wanted to elevate the lead pair but failed to make the audience connect with the story. Songs are not placed well. Even the scenes do not follow any sequence. There are many unnecessary characters that sit in for the sake of volume. Second half is an absolute boredom – a never ending soap. The anti-climax is well expected and quite routine. 

Achu’s music is good. Two songs are very good. The back ground score sounds good but couldn’t save the film. It’s better to enjoy the music on a CD rather than in thetheater.

A spineless editing is yet another major drawback. But cinematography is an absolute splendor and the vital asset of the film.

An unknown story should be explained perfectly and known story should be narrated with beauty. Failing miserably in this regard, ‘Rakumarudu’ has turned out to be ‘Rodkumarudu.’

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