• Cast , Ester Noronha
  • BannerSuresh Productions
  • Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
  • Cinematography Santosh Roy
  • Music
  • Producer Suresh Babu Daggubati
  • Director Uday Shankar
  • Audio release date 15 Dec 2013

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Bheemavaram Bullodu review

“A roasted Plain Dosa when you expected a yummy Ravva Dosa“

Posted: 27 February 2014-10:38 AM

Ram Babu [Sunil] is a well off young man in Bheemavaram who is waiting for the right girl to get married. He is a coward by nature but he is popular in the neighborhood as the lucky omen for young unmarried girls. The sentiment is that the girl seen and approved by Ram Babu gets a good match and wedded immediately. But, suddenly one day Ram Babu is diagnosed with brain tumor and he is told that he would live not more than 10 days. Depressed Ram Babu wishes to end his life only to be rescued and enlightened by a stranger [Tanikella Bharani]. From then on, he decides to do good to people till his last breath.

As a part of it, he rescues Nandini [Ester Noronha], daughter of a popular action filmmaker Prithvi Raj [Sayaji Shinde] from the henchmen of one of the villain [Ajaz Khan]. Both fall in love instantly but Ram Babu (a cancer patient) who does not want to ruin her life by marrying shuns her. He migrates to the city and engages in some heroic activity as an undercover cop helping out his brother Inspector Posani [Posani Krishna Murali] in sweeping out crime in the city. In the due course of this heroic journey, he develops some good rivalry with local goons Durga [Supreet aka Katraj] and JJ [Jai Prakash Reddy]. But surprisingly, he learns that he doesn’t have brain tumor.

So, how did Ram Babu who is already in a deep pit of troubles, face the villains and win Nandini’s hand forms the plot of the story.

Sunil: Sunil playing a ‘coward’ is something we are seeing from his debut film. It is easy as a pie for an established actor like him [It’s like a helicopter shot to Dhoni]. He exhibited same ease in that much ‘same’ character he did. He was always good at dances and he did nothing extraordinary than his previous films. His fights rather went overboard [trying to come out of his comedy hero image…yes we can see that!]

Ester Noronha: Actually we should write about her when we talk about the songs because that is where we could feel the presence of the heroine. The real job she got to do was wearing a fancy dress and playing a jig with the hero in songs. She was lucky – she wasn’t strained much in her debut film. But yes…she is not a poker face.

Sayaji Shinde: He was as usually cool and routine as the heroine father. His character was different but has got no sound comedy.  

Jaya Prakash Reddy: The big man as local goon ‘JJ’ is the main baddie with a comedy tinge. But, even he couldn’t make us laugh [not even smile at least. Someone pity us!]

Ajaz Khan: Now he is the newfound bad guy in today’s Telugu cinema. Yes he gave his best in the conventional yelling and eating some blows from the hero in the end. He is getting slowly habituated and we know he will excel this someday.

Prithvi: The “30yrs industry” guy is the one who could tickle us for a while. His act as a visually challenged guy waiting for Sunil’s eye to be donated has got some punch and life in the comedy.

The rest of the cast which includes some stupendous comedians ‘Satyam’ Rajesh, Raghu Babu, Jabardasth Raghu, Srinivas Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh et al were like simply play-their-act and leave – unfortunately we could give only one or two giggles for their collective act.

Uday Shankar tried to make a comeback with a comedy flick like BB after almost 13 years [His previous hit was Kalisundam Raa in the year 2000] something like a Pandava Vanavaasa. But, all we could say is that it wasn’t a great comeback. Because he served a half cooked plate meals to the audience who would enter the theatre expecting a yummy family meal – For your kind information, it was Sunil’s film and they are entitled to expect that.

-> Punch less comedy being a Sunil’s film.
-> Routine treatment with some banal characters and twists.
-> The star cast was underutilized to an extent.
-> Songs looked too imposed and the dances seamed obligatory.
-> Predictable screenplay and slap stick comedy.
-> Overboard fights being a comedy film.
-> Boring first half and an average second half.

-> The star cast has saved the film from being an utmost flop show.
-> Some good clean comedy that the families would be pleased to watch though not so hilarious.
-> The best part was some good dialogues by Sreedhar. They were a faithful imitation of Trivikram style rhyming and punch yet were still afresh and logical. 

The music was good enough for a commercial flick like BB. But the back ground score rather went unnoticed. [Oh! A good back ground score is given for a worthy scene right? Sorry, he can’t be entirely blamed.]

Cinematography by Santosh Roy and editing by Marthand K Venkatesh were appreciable.

In the case of Bheemavaram Bullodu, you get a roasted plain dosa when you expect a ravva dosa. But, if you think it’s still a dosa, yes you can undoubtedly go and watch Bheemavaram Bullodu along with your family.  

A one time watch - If stuffed with a good content it would have been a laugh riot.

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