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  • BannerGuru Entertainments pvt ltd
  • Editor Chandra sekhar
  • Cinematography Sahir Raza
  • Music Mahesh Shankar
  • Producer Sunitha tati
  • Director Raj Pippalla
  • Audio release date 03 Jul 2013

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Bangaru Kodipetta review

“One-time watch and a straight YES for a Family Watch!“

Posted: 07 March 2014-04:34 AM

Bhanu Pinisetti (Swati) is a school dropout making a career in an Energy drink firm where Vamsi (Navdeep) is her colleague. Bhanu is ousted from her job by her manager (Harshavardhan) due to her fake academic certificates! With dire need of money for her needs, she hatches a plan to loot a gold biscuit package being transported from Bengaluru to Hyderabad along with Vamsi. On the other side of the story, Dora Babu (Laxman) is up to necks in debts and sketches to sell off the fighter cock of his twin brother Yerra Babu (Ram) to clear his debts. But unexpectedly, Shruti (Sanchalana), the school going daughter of Yerra Babu is stuck up with his kidnap plan. And the plan of Bhanu and Vamsi is leaked to their boss (Harshavardhan). Alongside, Venu (Santosh) is an aspiring hero working as a pizza delivery boy. So, how did the greedy plans of Bhanu, Vamsi, Harsha, Dora Babu work out and how did Shruti, Yerra Babu and Venu fall prey to this forms the plot of the story.

Swati: She is the right pick for this ‘Bhanu’ character who is an independent working woman with tons of self-respect but a pinch of greediness. And Swati plays this character with awesome ease but she carries her trademark 'bubbliness' which works to her advantage and at times turns disadvantage as well.

Navdeep: This is probably the first film where Navdeep is found as a 'Mr. Cool thief' with his by default radiating energy toned. He is just a part of the story but is certainly elegant enough to lett the story beyond him.

Ram-Laxman: The twin brothers have proven to the world that there is something beyond the ‘Mr. Action bros.’ brand they usually carry. Their matured performance complements the plot.

Santosh: Yes… we knew he is a promising young talent with Golconda High School but we are assured of his bright future with this film where he plays ‘Venu’ an aspiring hero working hard to make it big.

Harshavardhan: He is a star wherever he is placed and this film is no exception. When you are almost at the brink of turning a bitter lip to him, he is back with his punch and humor towards the end [And what' that? Well, you know we don’t reveal such things!]

The rest of the cast did not let down their director.

Yes… Raj Pippala is a debutant director but he did not appeal so. He has got meat in his story and point in his screenplay [But, guess what Raj…we watched Vantage Point long back]! His attempt to entertain our Telugu audience through an unconventional plot can be appreciated but we need to 'be a Roman while in Rome' right?


-> A simple story that would relate to every common man.
-> Interesting screenplay (though an inspired version) that offers some good twists both in the first half and second half as well.
-> Unpredictable interval bang.
-> Gripping second half.
-> Decent characterization and good performances by the lead cast.
-> Second half wins over first half.

-> Unconventional yet dim-witted treatment of the story that might not interest the mass section of audience.
-> A virtual hurry to tell three different stories but still engage in the limited two hours was pretty much visible in the story telling.
-> Lack of intensity in the scenes, dialogues and proper emphasis in the narration that don’t inject the feel and soul of the story into the viewer.
-> Shabby dialogues add to the boredom.
-> A story of this genre can have good comedy to make it more endearing.

Statuary Warning: Please don’t expect any conventional commercial formula elements like songs, fights and special comedy tracks etc from the film.

Music by Mahesh Shankar is new and refreshing. No wonder! he is the favorite pick for all the NRI filmmakers. But, his back ground score isn't robust enough to keep this plot edgy.

The title animation was an innovative one but the core editing by Chandrasekhar GV needs to be more edgy because the script deserves one. Rest don't make it worth mentioning.

This Kodipetta is just any other healthy domestic cock in the compound – qualified for a curry this weekend! But certainly not that delicious for a cherishing experience!

One-time watch and a straight YES for a Family Watch!

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