• Cast Taraka Ratna, Komal jha
  • BannerPLK Productions
  • Editor Prawin Pudi
  • Cinematography Thota Ramana
  • Music Josyabhatla Rajasekhara Sarma
  • Producer PLK Reddy
  • Director Raja Reddy
  • Audio release date 03 Aug 2013

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Eduruleni Alexander review

“A disappointing good story!“

Posted: 29 March 2014-09:35 AM

Alexander (Taraka Ratna) is a young dynamic and fearless cop who sponsors few other orphans like him through a missionary. He is constantly transferred for his sincerity and he is posted to Hyderabad where he takes head on with Jinnah (Ravi Babu) and Kotappa (JP), the local kingpins of women trafficking in the city. Rafi (Anvith), Chandu are one among the college going students sponsored by Alexander. In the due course, Rafi works for Jinnah indulging in women trafficking through flirting and chatting. Komal (Komal Jha) is an ardent fan of Alexander who wishes to marry him but Alexander has neither interest nor time to entertain her. So, amidst such deviations, how did Alexander bust the women trafficking mafia forms the crux of the story.

Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is an intelligent actor who did a decent job for a headless story like this but knowing his true caliber, this is nowhere close to what he can really do. He just pulled off decently with the emotions or dances or dialogues or action episodes or whatever.

Komal Jha: She was just confined to the songs and a few absurd romantic scenes. However, she did not seem to be wooden faced.

Jaya Prakash Reddy: Though he was credited as the main villain in the film, he seemed to have gone for a blind date and just passed the muster with the limited scenes and dialogs written for him.

Ravi Babu: He was just underutilized for a worthless character that lacked substance.

Anvith: This ‘Alajadi’ fame fledgling actor is indeed a pleasant surprise for the hopeless audience. He was the true value addition to the villainy in the film. He looked absolutely promising with his ease and ability to emote.

Eminent comedians like late AVS and Kondavalasa were also underutilized just limiting to the paper strength. The rest of the cast were all wooden faces who add to the discomfort of the audience.

Factually, this section for this film needs volumes to write. But long story short, this film is badly told good storyline. Looked like the director initially thought of making a film with Taraka Ratna having a subplot of women trafficking with few upcoming artists but ended up making a mediocre film losing track of the lead himself.

- Good Storyline.
- Good casting.
- Good music.
- Decent dialogues.

- Banal Characterization that lack substance and intensity.
- Shoddy writing and flimsy screenplay that creates a never ending soap impression.
- An underutilized casting.
- A mediocre narration that creates neither interest nor offers reason to keep watching either in first half or second half. At a point, the narration completely slipped off and ignored the meaty portion of the film – the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist.
- In the second half, the antagonist had no scope or strain to investigate into anything except for taking lead from the victim and completing the climax.

If the first half has ruined enough, the second one adds to the menace.

Music by Josyabhatla Rajasekhara Sarma is the only ray of relief and relaxation in the film. Some good songs like “Kavvinchina…” and the peppy mass number “Gulebakaavali Kathalo…” have kept the audience entertained enough but were unfortunately not picturized well. The back ground score was conventional and rather went unnoticed.

Editing by Praveen Pudi hasn’t created much difference to the existing lifeless dough. Rest of the departments do not need a special mention also.

This film is a quintessential example of a good opportunity wasted. Alexander is an absolute test of time, energy and patience. You can safely give it a miss and enjoy your weekend!

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