• Cast ,
  • BannerSri Sathya Sai Arts
  • Editor KV Krishna Reddy
  • Cinematography T Surender Reddy
  • Music
  • Producer KK Radha Mohan
  • Director Ravi Chavali
  • Audio release date 14 Apr 2014

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Pyaar Mein Padipoyane review

“Comedy x Songs - Love“

Posted: 10 May 2014-09:39 AM

Chandra aka Chinna (Aadi) and Yukta (Shanvi) are neighbors and friends. Sensitive girl Yukta is so attached to a handicam which has her birthday video and photos with her lost mom. One day, mischievous boy Chinna sneaks into Yukta’s room and snatches off her precious handicam. But by the time she could catch hold of it, Chinna and family shifts off. So, Yukta develops immense hatred for Chinna. As they grow up, Chandra and Yukta fall in love with each other which Aashish (who has feelings for Yukta) wishes to ruin. Eventually, by the time Yukta admits her love for him, Chandra learns of Yukta’s hatred for Chinna (him) and how long she has been in pursuit of Chinna. So, did Yukta discover Chinna and how could Chandra win Yukta forms the plot of the story.

Aadi: He gave an impressive show in the film. Be it his comedy timing, dialog delivery, dances and of course his imitation of his father Dialog King Saikumar, everything was brilliant. Except for his drunkard diction, he delivered a splendid overall performance. Long way to go Aadi!

Shanvi: This gorgeous was as usually sweet and cute. But this time, she got some emotional scenes to deliver which she did with utmost ease. We are gradually getting introduced to the real actor in Shanvi…good!

Vennela Kishore: He was hilarious as ‘Bobby. He tickles you with his trademark comical antics in the routine 'gay' character. He doesn't go overboard and sleazy though.

Saptagiri: He might disappoint you as artist ‘Hussain Varma’ without his usual accent and antics.

Madhu: He does a pretty decent job as a troubled friend of the hero.

Thagubothu Ramesh: His usual ‘Abba Thammudu’ style drunkard character wasn't hilarious as expected but just passes the muster.

The rest of the cast was decent enough.

Ravi Chavali was smart enough to have roped in a hit combination like Aadi and Shanvi for a dainty love story like this. He was intelligent enough to stuff in all the happening comedians in the story. But nothing can save you except for a robust content. He has got a trivial conflict point which was rather stretched for about 2 and half hours. Yes…he’s got innovative scenes and all possible commercial entertainment ingredients but innovation without intensity might just go unnoticed especially for a love story.

First Half: It was entertaining enough with just the lead pairs. Though the songs look forced, they were bearable. But some hilarious comedy by Vennela Kishore, Prithvi and between the lead characters have you entertained till the intermission.
Interval: The interval wasn’t really a ‘bang’ as expected but predictable and in fact a relief to yawn and stretch yourself.
Second Half: By the time you come to know the pursuit of the lead characters in the second half, the trivial conflict only bugs you out. At a point, you might even feel like a never ending soap but thanks to comedian Madhu and Thagubothu Ramesh who come as a water packet offering after a long hot summer walk. And thankfully, the story concluded…finally!

- Lead cast performances and every comedian did their best job.
- Aadi and Shanvi’s chemistry.
- Entertaining and refreshing first half.
- The sheer attempt to tell a sensitive and cute love story.
- Good dialogues with impressive punches.

- Sluggish screenplay especially in the second half.
- Lack of intense scenes and strong conflict point to enrich the feel and connect of the love story.

In a nutshell, the first half is better than the second half.

PMP audio is a good commercial romantic album with catchy songs which were picturized well indeed. But, the background score needs to be heart tugging for a love story to be acclaimed.

Editing by KV Krishna Reddy was impressive. And dialogues by Praveen Kumar and Ravi Chavali were good.

Pyar Mein Padipoyane is a one-time watch love story that might definitely not squeeze your hearts and haunt you but shall offer a paisa vasool entertainment if you have a good 2 and half hour time to kill.

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