• Cast Pradeep, Isha Talwar, Komal jha, Madhumitha, Satyadev
  • BannerUnify Creations
  • Editor Chandra Shekar G.V
  • Cinematography Vishweshwar S.V
  • Music V Pradeep Kumar
  • Producer Sana Venkat Rao & Upendra Kumar Girada
  • Director Pradeep Maadugula
  • Audio release date 28 Mar 2014

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Maine Pyar Kiya review

“A Time Pass Entertainer“

Posted: 20 June 2014-14:30 PM

This is the story of a young man (Pradeep) who loves to flirt with a HR Manager (Komal Jha) in his office. But the HR Manager keeps him away. Then he happens to stuck with a beautiful new recruit (Isha Talwar) in his office. But there is a childhood connection between the young man and this beautiful girl. Story runs without any peaks until that childhood episode comes into the mind of the girl. The flashback episode of the young girl's paternal uncle (Satyadev) and his love interest (Madhumitha) forms the major crux of the film. 

Pradeep: He is good with his screen presence and carrying expressions, but hard to remember the face after coming out from theatre. 
Isha Talwar: She is a glamor doll and the director has aptly projected her.  
Madhumitha: After a long gap, she is giving rare appearances on screen. It is hard to believe that she is a married actress. She is perfect in her role as a young girl who falls in love. 
Vennela Rama Rao: He is another talented actor who needs a right break to show his might. He did his best as Tangavel and brought a few laughs in theatre. His character could have been extended further. 
Posani and Mahesh Kathi: They have portrayed the challenging gay roles which may appear overboard for a few. Posani has been saying that he did a first of its kind role in his career. That is nothing other than the gay role. His trade mark dialogues and modulation brings a few laughs. Mahesh Kathi, who turned popular on social networking circuit with his cop role in Hrudaya Kaleyam, gave his gay performance commendably, but with someone else's voice.

Viva Harsha: He is completely wasted. He couldn't even generate 10% of the laughs he did in his short film 'Viva'. 

Director Pradeep Madugula has made a short film titled 'Advaitam', that caught the attention of many serious film lovers. He attempted this commercial youth entertainer 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and excelled in dealing with the part involving Satyadev and Madhumitha in flashback episode. The part of Posani and Mahesh Kaththi is a bit forced and the last few minutes could have been dealt with more attention to screenplay and dialogue. But on a whole it is a commendable attempt by the director.

First HalfFirst half goes with the cliched scenes in office and the actual pep starts with the entry of the female lead. A hookable twist is seen at the interval part. 
Second HalfThis is the part that brought weight for the film with the love story of Satyadev and Madhumita in flashback. Even after the flashback, the depth is not lost and holds the grip till the end. But the last few minutes again end up in lighter note with Posani's gay humor. 
MeritsStoryline & Satyadev
DemeritsA few forced comedy scenes
To say in brief, the flashback episode holds better depth when compared to the rest of the film.

Music in the songs and background score are passable. But, a couple of songs have managed to pull the attention of listeners. 

There is no notable complaint with the technical aspects of the film. Everyone did their bit in right way. 

'Maine Pyar Kiya' is a time pass entertainer with two blends in it - the serious past and the silly present. If the gay comedy by Posani is not a hindrance, the film can be enjoyed by everyone. 

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