• Cast Naga Shaurya, , Srinivas Avasarala
  • BannerVaarahi Chalana Chitram
  • Editor Kiran Ganti
  • Cinematography Venkat C Dileep
  • Music Kalyani Malik
  • Producer Korrapati Sai
  • Director Srinivas Avasarala
  • Audio release date 27 Apr 2014

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Oohalu Gusagusalaade review

“Gusa Gusalu kada Sound Raledu“

Posted: 21 June 2014-03:02 AM

Venkateswar Rao alias Venky (Sourya) is teleshop anchor in UB TV aspiring to become a News Reader like his famous News Reader father Bhanu Murthy. Uday Bhaskar (Srinivas Avasarala), the chairman of UB TV is a bachelor longing to get married to a beautiful girl. After denying several matches, Uday gets impressed with Sirisha Prabhavathi (Rasi Khanna) photograph. Envious of the Casanova nature of Venky, Uday seeks his help in impressing Sirisha promising him to make a news reader. Ignorant of this, Venky narrates his broken love story (with Prabhavathi) to Uday and agrees to help him out in impressing Sirisha. So, how did they realize the fact and who did Sirisha Prabhavathi marry - forms the plot of the story.

Naga Shourya: He is the new blooming talent in T’wood today. He was impressive with his looks and performance too. His screen presence, ease and timing will certainly take him to places.

Rasi Khanna: Here is the newfound chubby cheek of the industry. She has already grabbed the attention of the industry with her short and sweet appearance in Manam (as Prema opposite Naga Chaitanya) and her cute looks in this cute love story will sway many hearts.

Srinivas Avasarala: As usually he displayed great ease and his scenes with the heroine are hilarious.

Posani Krishnamurali: He was completely under-utilized.

Rest of the cast including Rao Ramesh, Hema, Satya Krishna, Arutham Harsha and others have done justice to their limited roles.

Actor turned director Srinivas Avasarala’s debut attempt was indeed a decent one. His writing is pretty impressive. The characters, their detailing, the conflict, the scenes and the dialogs were all decent enough to smile but not intense enough to laugh and emotionally connect to this cute love story.

First Half: It was entertaining enough with the love episodes and the major conflict except for a few lengthy scenes lacking lust.

Interval: The re-interval segment was pretty much predictable and somehow failed to implant the curiosity to watch out for the second half.

Second Half: The much anticipated second half was also a decent fare with predictable and rather dragged narration. No wonder you might even feel like fast-forwarding the film.

In a nutshell, First half was better than second half.


- The impressive lead cast Shourya & Rashi – their performance and chemistry.
- Good characterization and detailing.
- Some good cinematography and music.
- Few impressive scenes and comedy here and there.


- Lack of effective narration of a strong conflict point.
- Lack of intense and emotionally gripping scenes.
- Predictable screenplay.
- Songs were picturized well but looked forced.

Music by Kalyani Koduri was refreshing and as usually melodious but the back ground score went rather unnoticed.

This film has composer Kalyani Koduri (alias Kalyani Malik) as a guy selling black tickets at a theater. His debut was a hit though! Cinematography by Venkat C Dileep was top-notch.

OGG is a good time pass love story just like popcorn in the intermission. You can just watch but can’t cherish.

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