• Cast Manoj Nandan, Priyanka Pallavi, Anil Kalyan
  • BannerSravya Films
  • Editor Archana Anand
  • Cinematography Sabu James
  • Music Pravin Immadi
  • Producer Yakkali Ravindra Babu
  • Director P Suneel Kumar Reddy
  • Audio release date 13 Jun 2014

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Oka Criminal Prema Katha review

“Oka Manchi ADULT Prema Katha - *Conditions Apply“

Posted: 18 July 2014-08:09 AM

Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi), the only daughter of a poor drunkard father and Seenu (Manoj Nandam), an orphan are the two teen love birds in Nellimarla village. When her father is bed-ridden due to paralysis, Bindu’s family is taken care of her maternal uncle (Satyanand) in Visakhapatnam and hence she moves out of the village. Before leaving, she pleads Seenu to shift to Vizag. Seenu who joins as a boy in Bindu’s college canteen in Vizag is often ignored by her. Frustrated Seenu makes a suicide attempt and Bindu admits her love towards him. Bindu who always makes weird wishes like breaking the car glasses, bashing up her misbehaving lecturer, asks Seenu to kill her uncle too. Seenu who is scared of this wish absconds suddenly but Bindu finds him and persuades him to kill her uncle. Why did she wish to kill her caring uncle and how did this romantic love story end up on the grey side forms the plot of the story.

Priyanka Pallavi: She is the true ‘hero’ of the film. She fitted the bill so well and on top of it, she delivered a stellar as the sexually abused teen victim ‘Bindu’. She deserves an ovation for her committed act in the bold and emotional scenes – very impressive!

Manoj Nandam: This talented actor has once again proved that given a chance, he can prove his mettle. He was impressive as the uneducated teenager who blindly trots a dark and adventurous path for the sake of his loved ones. He will certainly go places!

Satyanand: This star maker is an absolute surprise in the film. He has done something realistic which was never done before in Telugu cinema with aplomb and elegance.

The rest of the cast have done a pretty decent job in making this criminal love story appealing.

Being an award winning filmmaker, Sunil Kumar Reddy has once again lived up to the respect and expectations upon him by making a good film worth making. The best part is his intact narration and impressive dialogs. Many directors take up noble storylines but end up wasting the opportunity. But, Sunil Kumar Reddy strikes the chord of the youth and masses with his bold scenes and dialogs yet remains true to his story and concept. But an aesthetic treatment of the subject could have depicted his true directing finesse.

First Half: Starting with an impressive suspense lead, the first half is an interesting blend of an entertaining village love story and college episode striking a chord now and then.

Interval Bang: The pre-interval episode in fact veers the entire plot line. The performance of the heroine is a highlight of the episode.

Second Half: This segment gets intense with a less dose of entertainment and more focused on the conflict of the entire story. Some striking performances by the hero, Satyanand and heroine remain the highlights of this segment though the climax looks vague and incomplete.

- Impressive story that is derived from the dark reality of this society.
- Engaging screenplay and entertaining narration make the story appealing.
- His characters are realistic and some stellar performances by the lead cast make this criminal love story endearing.
- Intense scenes especially in the pre-interval and second half of the film.
- Impressive and realistic dialogs with punch and logic add value to the scenes all through the film.

- The crude representation of reality in the film might be unpleasant to the family audience.
- The story and scenes could have been dealt more aesthetically.

Pravin Immadi gave some decent music but the re-recording won the brownie points. A striking music could have taken the film to a different plane.

Dialogs by Sunil Kumar Reddy are impressive while cinematography by Sabu James could have been a notch better.

Oka Criminal Prema Katha is a one-time watch message oriented love story with an entertaining narration – but strictly for adults and not for families!

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