• Cast Sachiin Joshi, Nazia Hussain
  • BannerParameswara Art Productions
  • Editor M.R Varma
  • Cinematography A Vasanth
  • Music Ankit
  • Producer Bandla Ganesh
  • Director Jaya Ravindra
  • Audio release date 14 Jun 2014

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Nee Jathaga Nenundali review

“Ela Undi? As it is ga undi [Except Feel]“

Posted: 22 August 2014-20:32 PM

Raghav Jayaram (Sachin Joshi), a falling star singer notices a young and aspiring singer in Gayatri Nandana (Nazia Hussain) who sings at bars to make a living. Raghav promises Gayatri a career in playback singing back in Hyderabad. Raghav who is an alcoholic knows the sour fact that he is finished and he sees his future in making Gayatri a star singer. Gayatri makes big in playback singing with the love and support of Raghav but her blooming career brings in new problems for the couple. How did their intense love end up forms the crux of the story.

Sachin Joshi: This ‘Modern Ghazni’ seems to have special affection towards Telugu audience. He has been making and releasing his films time and again. He reprises the intense role of singer ‘Rahul Jaykar’ in the original version (Aashiqui2) and does it in his own ‘wooden’ style. He has a superhit story, music in place but this Telugu version would have been emotional and appealing if he would have done better.

Nazia Hussain: Given the fact that she a debutante, she has worked hard to reprise the role of ‘Aarohi’ (in the original version). She could ‘act’ well for a character which needed to live in it. Anyhow, she seemed to have given her best.

Shashank: He was good as ‘Vivek’, the friend of the protagonist. However, he did his best in a limited character provided to him – good to see this talented actor back on screen.

The rest of the cast including Posani, Prabhas Seenu, Rao Ramesh and others did a decent job.

One can imagine and understand the position of director Jaya Ravindra who was thrown a tough challenge to remake a classic. It was indeed a tough row to hoe but Jaya Ravindra should be appreciated for accepting this challenge and delivering a bearable version out of a make or break situation. He and his team has in a way made a bold step in making an addtion to the original story [Well, watch it for yourself at the end].

With a super hit story and blockbuster music, Ravindra had to reproduce the classic. He was successful in making a color Xerox but unfortunately could not recreate the magic of the original. We tried our best to keep aside the original and watch this as a first timer but, even then, the bland performances and scenes could not tug our hearts. But we should be thankful to Jaya for making us feel like watching Aashiqui 2 once again.

First Half: The film has a mystic start with some super cool music and romantic story which gets dramatic eventually.

Interval Bang: Oops we can’t call it a bang but a subtle turnaround from the romance drama.

Second Half: This segment of the film has the original meat with some key emotional scenes which can actually squeeze the sensitive hearts. But except for the last 10mins of the film and a convincing new ending, nothing could actually reach our hearts.

- The intense story and classic music.
- Some decent cinematography especially in the songs and crucial scenes.
- Some cool dialogues which could strike the chord occasionally.
- The screen time (just 2hrs 14mins) which makes it is a passable affair

- Some bland performances and dubbing glitches make it tough to feel this love story.
- The original intensity in the scenes and story are seriously missing.

It was a wise move to retain the original music given by Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguly. The music and back ground score are laudable. Of course, with due respect to the efforts of the lyricists, the lyrics were not at all convincing and appealing.

The dialogues, cinematography and editing were decent enough. The location in the ‘Ee Pichchi Prema’ song was exotic.

We would have been glad if Nee Jathaga Nenudali was actually a dubbed version of Aashiqui2. It is a passable one-time watch for the ones who haven’t watched the original version but for all the Aashiqui2 lovers, let it go…seriously!

Nee Jathaga Nenundali movie stills


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