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  • Editor Goutham Raju
  • Cinematography Arthur A. Wilson
  • Music
  • Producer Rockline Venkatesh
  • Director KS Ravindra (Bobby)
  • Audio release date 10 Aug 2014

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Power review

“Mass Maharaja is Back!“

Posted: 12 September 2014-09:24 AM

Baladev Sahay (Raviteja), a powerful ACP in Khalighat (Kolkata) is a corrupt cop who kidnaps Ganguly bhai (Sampath Raj), a big goon in the city and also the brother of Home Minister Jayavardhan (Mukesh Rishi). In a series of unfortunate events, Tirupathi (Raviteja), a happy-go-getter seriously aspiring to be a cop back in Hyderabad steps into the shoes of Baladev. So, how did the ambitious Tirupathi land up in the secret mission of Baladev Sahay and put a check to the crimes of Jayavardhan & gang forms the plot of the story.

Raviteja: The Mass Maharaja is finally back with his hit formulae. He is an outright entertainer in the film with his dual shades. Though his usual dose of comedy is taken over by the powerful premise of the film, he makes mesmerizes with his energy.

Hansika: “Long time…no see you…we dull dull dull Hansika”. Good to see this chubby beauty back in Tollywood. May be too much of Tamil these days could have tossed her Telugu dialogues. But, she did her job (i.e., songs & a dialogue in the climax) in this commercial entertainer!

Regina: She was glamorous and her acting prowess was unquestionable in the film.

Brahmanandam: This ‘Animutyam’ along with Raviteja is a laugh riot in the film. They both are deadly combination and they have just lived up to the expectations. And the most crucial ‘Brahmi Dance’ is a must watch!

Saptagiri: He is the second ‘Animutyam’ in the film. He along with Hansika evokes some gags in the first half.

Posani: Watch out for this Raja’s entertainment in the second half.

Sampath Raj & Mukesh Rishi: The duo makes the best onscreen baddies in Tollywood. Shrewd, Foxy and Menacing!

The rest of the cast which includes Subbaraj, Ajay, Brahmaji, Satyam Rajesh, Uttej et al give their best to the plot.

KS Ravindra, the newfound writer turned director was in a way successful in cooking up a pakka commercial entertainer. Beyond logic and reasoning, Ravindra drapes up the energy and image of Raviteja in an entertainment bag! He filled Power with all that is expected from an average Raviteja fan. He has got Raviteja, the best onscreen baddies in the industry, two beautiful divas in demand, dialogues by none other than Kona Venkat and most importantly Brahmi in the script – what else is needed for a passable commercial entertainer these days!

First Half: With a Power’full’ start, this segment is more like a joy ride with Raviteja-Hansika-Saptagiri entertainment.

Interval Bang: This is one of the few unpredictable interval episodes in the recent times. Veering the story to a new lane, this episode keeps the viewers waiting for more.

Second Half: This segment is a power packed episode garnished with comedy at right notches. Some good songs like Champesindi and the most awaited Nautanki entertain in this segment. Besides, the overall lag and the flimsy predictable climax, the second half passes off effortlessly.

- Performances of Raviteja, Brahmi, Sampath Raj!
- Engaging narration and screenplay.
- Kona Venkat’s punchy and hilarious dialogues.
- Well picturized songs.
- Top-notch cinematography by Jayanan Vincent and Editing by Gautam Raju

- Routine premise and predictable plot.
- The dose of comedy is a notch lesser than usual Raviteja films.
- The chunk of action episodes might not actually comfort the family audience.

The album is already a chartbuster but the back ground score in the film was also impressive.

The much anticipated Nautanki song was well picturized and the promotional song at the end was also good. The Brahmi dance episode might manage few gags. The opening title animation was very impressive!

Power is a high voltage commercial entertainer and a treat for all the Mass Maharaja fans. For all the ignorant chaps with pre-meditated anticipations, better luck next time!

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