• Cast Naga Shaurya, Sana Maqbool, Ajay, Indraja
  • BannerVaarahi Chalana Chitram
  • Editor Thammiraju
  • Cinematography B V Amarnath Reddy
  • Music
  • Producer Korrapati Sai, Rajani Korrapati
  • Director Thrikoti
  • Audio release date 19 Sep 2014

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Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya review

“Dikkulu Thochani Ramayya“

Posted: 10 October 2014-07:03 AM

Gopal Krishna (Ajay) is a bank employee who is married at a very early age. He has two sons – the elder one Madhu (Naga Shaurya) studying B.tech 1st year and the younger one – a school going kid. His wife Bhavani (Indraja) is a typical traditional Indian wife. Gopal who is married at a very early age, wishes to relive his missing youth and that is when, he falls in love with Samhitha (Sana Maqbool). On the flip side, even his son Madhu also falls in love with the same girl. So, how did Madhu realize the fact and fix this unnatural love story forms the crux of the story.

Ajay: He has given his career’s best performance in this film. Seeing him in the most usual goon characters, this film offers us a new Ajay to watch.

Naga Shaurya: He has proved that he is no more just a chocolate boy. He performed well and gave his best to make this story appealing.

Indraja: She is the newfound on-screen mother now. Though she looked melodramatic, she delivered her best.

Sana Maqbool:
This brown-eyed girl makes a mild debut. She could impress neither with her looks nor her act.

Brahmaji: He steals the show in the first half. All his episodes are sketched and executed well.

The mere idea of a father and son falling in love with the same girl might sound anew and unusual but director Trikoti relied upon the old formula of melodrama to entertain. Though he was successful in extracting the best from everyone, the narrative somehow failed to engage, especially in the second half. His characters were real and his core conflict point was legitimate but the way he dealt with the conflict was predictable and bland.

First Half: This is purely one man show of Ajay. He and Brahmaji entertain you to their best.

Interval: This interval segment was a decent knot to hook the viewers for the second half.

Second Half: This segment which starts off with huge expectations to measure up, takes its own time and turns to end up in the most predictable way possible. However, during the course, the plot fails to hold your interest and tug you emotionally.

- The lead cast performance especially Ajay, Indraja, Naga Shaurya and Brahmaji.
- A decently engaging and entertaining first half.
- Dialogues that manage to evoke few gags here and there.
- Decently etched characters.
- A healthy treatment without much of adult masala.

- A lackadaisical second half.
- A predictable narrative mixed with age old melodrama.
- Mediocre Cinematography.

Keeravani gave an off-beat, perky album and back ground score which went largely unnoticed.

The symbolic representation of Brahmaji’s wife thrashing him through a puppet show is innovative.

Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayya is a decent attempt but certainly a wasted opportunity. Watch it if you are a fan of any of the cast and crew, otherwise, you can safely give it a miss too!

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