• Cast Sairam Shankar, Adonica
  • BannerTouchstone Film Productions
  • Editor Naveen Nooli
  • Cinematography P.G. Vinda
  • Music Sunil kashyap
  • Producer Doraswamy Raju
  • Director Gopi Ganesh
  • Audio release date 11 May 2014

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Romeo review

“A 2 and half hour Italy Tourism Video“

Posted: 10 October 2014-00:18 AM

Samantha (Adonica), an independent traveller wishes to explore Italy wherein Kittu (Sairam Shankar) falls in love with her (Samantha), the look alike of his dead girlfriend Paddu (Adonica). He snatches her passport and compels her to love him & come to India for the sake of Paddu’s family. But Samantha is already committed to US based businessman Rakesh (Subbaraju). So, how did Kittu win Samantha’s love and how did this love story end forms the plot of the story.

Sairam Shankar: He was as usually cool and composed with his act except for his English dialogues (frankly!)

Adonica: Though she’s not a celestial beauty who is going to sweep you off your feet, she is cute and has got her act completely right – impressive show!

Raviteja & Ali: Their cameos in the film are the only moments of relief! Ali entertains with his “Yendey….Vacheyandey!” dialogue…of course in the Bujjigadu style!

Oops…there is Subbaraju left out! Of course, he is our main villain in the film.

Directing this 'Travel Guide to Italy' should be easy as pie for debutant Gopi Ganesh with the script of none other than Puri Jagannadh! Or, did we understand this Romeo to be just roaming in Rome?

But technically speaking, making this lackadaisical script appealing is a big challenge for a debutant and Gopi has absolutely faltered in the process. Ironically, simply a hero, heroine, a villain, scenic locales and two star cameos cannot make endearing love stories and these were at least not Puri’s love stories! Gopi had to create magic out of a banal and incomplete writing. Even the much toured about Rome and Verona (the place of Romeo & Juliet) remained insignificant in the film except for some information broadcasting. This film lacked the requisite drama and narrative and ended up largely focusing on pure cosmetic show. [Was this Romeo really written by Puri or some genius in disguise?]

First Half: You just need to be content with Sairam Shankar, the pretty Adonica and the charming Rome in this segment.

Interval Bang: Yeah…the interval bang is truly predictable and reminds there is a second half waiting for you!

Second Half: Here the hero and heroine are (thankfully) helped by Raviteja and Ali. Few dialogues of Raviteja and the episodes of Ali are entertaining! Not to miss the epic dialogue of Subbaraju “Enti…Nuvvinka Kidnap Avvaleda?” in the climax.

- Performances of Adonica, Raviteja and Ali.
- Decent Cinematography and Editing.

- Flimsy script and a shoddy narration.
- Scenes and dialogues that lack luster.
- Lack of catchy and tugging Music.

Perhaps the talented Sunil Kashap had to bow to his captain of the ship and deliver what he needs. Otherwise, even the Music could not bring any difference to the film. Besides, “Pranama…” was an interesting composition.

The Art department deserves a tap for the exotic and breathtaking locales in the film.

Romeo was all about Roaming in Rome and the moral of this story is that everyone who roams in Rome cannot become a ‘Romeo’! Let us conclude it is not a Puri style Love story and safely give it a miss!

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