• Cast , Vishaka Singh, Nandini Rai
  • BannerMovie Mills & Cinema 5
  • Editor Karthika Srinivas
  • Cinematography Aravind
  • Music Sunny M.R.
  • Producer Chakri Chigurupati
  • Director Krishna Chaitanya
  • Audio release date 16 Sep 2014

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Rowdy Fellow review

“A good yet one time watch film“

Posted: 21 November 2014-06:02 AM

Rana Pratap Jaydev (Nara Rohit) is a well-heeled egoist who stands for the good. One day he indulges in a scuffle with Prasad (Ajay), the brother of MP Asuragana Durga Prasad (Rao Ramesh). In spite of his righteousness, he will be coerced by the Superintendent of Police (Ahuti Prasad) to apologize to Prasad. So, Rana joins the State Police to teach a lesson to the SP but later realizes that his problem is not just the SP but indeed MP Durga Prasad and his illegal activities too. So, how did Rana take head on with Durga Prasad and stand against various odds to do justice to people forms the plot of the story.

Nara Rohit: This promising hero has put up a decent show with his subtle yet effective performance (If only he could meet his fans’ expectations in terms of his appeal and body language). He was not slim but definitely was stylish. His dialogue delivery was routine but the dialogues were impactful. Except dances and fights, you would get everything you expect from Nara Rohit.

Rao Ramesh: You would see Rao Ramesh at his best in the film. He was as menacing as his legendary father Rao Gopal Rao garu in a character like ‘Asuragana Durga Prasad’. 

Vishaka Singh: This girl was charming enough but unfortunately couldn’t have a good scope to perform.

Posani: He was the lone lead entertainer in the film. His ‘Silk’ character was amusing enough to keep us engaged with the film.

Swamy Ra Ra Satya: By any chance if you saw comedian turned hero Sunil in him, you are mistaken! He is our very own Satya in yet another amusing character Gavaskar alias Gavva.

Ajay: His characterization is interesting and he gave an impressive performance.

Gollapudi Maruti Rao: It was a delight seeing this revered writer and actor back on screen in a key role.

The rest of the cast including Ahuti Prasad, Kotha Bangaru Lokam Praveen, Bhadram et al are all seen in interesting roles.

In our Telugu film industry, many writers have turned directors. But if you have watched their films, you would realize the fact that some remained good writers but not effective directors.

Rowdy Fellow has a good storyline, good premise, interesting characterization, subtle and stylish performances, good music but still the thread that knits all these elements closer is shabby to leave an impressive impression on the viewer.

Every frame and scene was dealt with care and logic but the narrative did the expected damage. Dialogues by Krishna Chaitanya & his writing team deserve a special mention. Though the ‘Trivikram influence’ is quite evident, they scored brownie points.

First Half: The film takes off on a lighter yet effective note. Nara Rohit’s performance, his love track with Vishaka Singh and Posani-Satya comedy would keep you engaging.
Interval: This is one of the most predictable and feeble interval bangs.
Second Half: The second half was a better entertainer with an engaging plot. The climax episode was a big disappointer. Again Posani comes to your rescue. Nara Rohit, Ajay, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and Rao Ramesh’s performances are the lone assets of this segment.  

On a whole, Krishna Chaitanya seems to be a staunch believer in the notion “Slow and Steady wins the race”. But the talented writer has unfortunately misread the game.

- Good storyline with interesting characterization.
- Impressive performances by the lead actors.
- Good comedy that can actually make you both smile and laugh.
- Impactful Dialogues that have both punch and logic.
- Good Music and Cinematographer.

Lack of an interesting and intense narrative with a sluggish screenplay throughout.

Sunny MR gave a refreshingly beautiful album with a nice blend of melodies and fast beats. However, they were not well picturized and they indeed don’t groove in well. Yedo Yedo song is missing too! And his back ground score went largely unnoticed.

Nothing really catches your eyeballs.

Rowdy Fellow is a good one-time watch film with a good storyline. It is like a good ride on a majestic elephant in an open ground – Stylish yet slow! Definitely not a routine commercial entertainer that the Nandamuri fans would love to watch!   

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