• Cast , Ramya Krishna, Prema
  • BannerSuresh Productions
  • Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
  • Cinematography --
  • Music M M Srilekha
  • Producer D Ramanaidu
  • Director Suresh Krishna
  • Audio release date NA

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Dharmachakram story at a glance

There have been many films relating to Law and Politics in Telugu Cinema. But Dharmachakram is one unique film which features Venkatesh as a sincere law practitioner and who has a huge emotional graph. Suresh Krishna’s powerful direction, great performances, and M.M.Sreelekha’s music made this film a memorable film in Venkatesh’s acting career.

Story Details:
Rakesh (Venkatesh) is a sincere lawyer who doesn’t compromise on ideals and his principles.  He lives with his mother (Srividya) and has a great bonding with her. Meanwhile Rakesh meets a TV reporter (Ramya Krishna) who falls in love with Rakesh for his straightforward attitude. When she confesses about his love to Rakesh’s mother, she comes to know about Rakesh’s flashback and the trouble he had. Rakesh’s father Mahendra (Girish Kharnad) is a power hungry politician who never takes his family seriously. He even plans an alliance with his friend’s daughter for Rakesh so that it would fetch him politically. But Rakesh loves an innocent girl Surekha (Prema) from a middle class background. Mahendra comes to know about this and brutally fixes Surekha in a crime case. Unable to bear the insult, Surekha commits suicide. Right from the Rakesh leaves the house along with his mother and rest of the story is about how Rakesh confronts his father and how he sustains his sincerity.

Venkatesh is brilliant as the angry lawyer with ideals and a youngster who falls in love with a girl next door. He looks great in songs and mesmerizing in emotional scenes.  Srividya is excellent as Venkatesh’s mother in the film. The mellowed down performance given by her gave the film a new dimension. Ramya Krishna is adorable as the female lead who falls head over heels on the hero. She gave the role a fun touch. Debutant Prema is terrific as the love interest of the hero and delivers par excellence for a new comer. Girish Kharnad is vicious as the villain and outperforms all the actors who usually appear in negative roles. AVS played the role of Hero’s assistant and bagged a memorable role. Brahmanandam offers ultimate comedy relief in a serious themed film like this. Raallapalli played a pivotal role as the advisor to Girish Kharnad.

Technical Aspects:
Dialogues by M.V.S.Haranadha Rao are a huge asset for the film. It elevates the film’s overall impact in many important scenes. Editing by Marthand and K.Venkatesh is crisp and captivating.Debutant M.M.Sreelekha’s music for the film is really melodious and the background score elevates many important scenes.  Direction by Suresh Krishna is crystal clear and carries the emotional graph throughout.  The film is high on production values and the song locations were well captured.

Cast and Crew:
Rakesh- Venkatesh
Rakesh’s mother- Srividya
Rakesh’s assistant- AVS
Gemini TV Anchor- Ramya Krishna
Surekha- Prema
Surekha’s father- Subbaraya Sharma
Mahendra- Girish Kharnad
Dialogues- M.V.S.Haranadha Rao
Editing- Marthand and K.Venkatesh
Lyrics- Sirivennela, Chandrabose


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