• Cast , Sonali Bendre, Anshu
  • BannerAnnapoorna Studios
  • Editor A. Sreekar Prasad
  • Cinematography Sameer Reddy
  • Music
  • Producer Nagarjuna
  • Director K Vijaya Bhasker
  • Audio release date NA

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Manmadudu story at a glance

Manmadhudu is one of its kind romantic comedy with high sentimental values along with entertainment which arrived in 2000s era. Trivikram’s dialogues, Nagarjuna’s charm, Sonali Bendre’s glamour, good music made the film one of the modern masterpieces in Telugu Cinema.

Story Details:
Abhiram (Nagarjuna) is manager of his own Ad Agency which is run by his uncle (Tanikella Bharani). He is a peculiar personality who despises women and feels all women are traitors and cheaters.  He shows clear bias on women even in workplace by giving preference only to male employees. It is when Harika (Sonali Bendre) a bright woman is employed as Assistant Manger by Abhiram’s uncle.  Harika finds Abhiram intriguing for his determined hatred towards women and their skills. At one moment Abhiram’s ad agency gets a chance to work on an ad for Revlon company.  Meanwhile, Abhiram gets increasingly curious to know what women employees in his office talk in his absence and he buys a secret mike sold by the ever funny Subrahmanyam (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam).  When Harika plans for a concept of Revlon ad, Abhiram copies the ad with the help of the secret mike and reproduces the concept in front of the clients. Harika doesn’t get angry but feels he is just peculiar. Things turn serious when Abhiram scolds Harika for distributing sweets to everyone in office as her marriage gets fixed and Harika applies for resignation to Abhiram’s uncle. Abhiram’s uncle tells Harika about Abhiram’s sad flashback where he loves Maheshwari (Anshu) who cheats him without marrying him. Rest of the film is about whether Abhiram gives up his arrogant justification that all women are traitors and how his relationship changes with Harika.

Nagarjuna looks dashing as ever with formal suits and professional clothing throughout the film. His dialogue delivery is quite good and he performs par excellence in emotional sequences. Sonali Bendre is sweet and adorable as the female lead and an ambitious employee. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is amazing as the secret mike salesman.  Tanikella Bharani gets another memorable role as hero’s uncle.  Brahmanandam’s comedy in Paris and Bunk Seenu from Bhimavaram is a huge asset for the film. Sudha, Balaram, Ranganath bag pivotal roles. Newcomer Anshu makes an impact with her fresh look in the flashback sequence.

Technical Aspects:
Dialogues by Trivikram Srinivas is the main backbone of the film. The witty one liners, comedy element and emotional impact given by him is unforgettable.  Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is visually rich. Music by Devisri Prasad is a huge asset for the film and is melodiously entertaining. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is engaging. Direction by Vijayabhaskar is decent and the film is equipped with great family values.



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