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  • Music K.V Mahadevan
  • Producer C. Sundaram
  • Director Adurthi Subba Rao
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Mooga Manasulu (1964) story at a glance

Mooga Manasulu is one fantastic film featuring the golden trio ANR- Savitri- Jamuna with their magnum opus acting skills on the backdrop of River Godavari. This film is an undisputed pride to Telugu Cinema and it was remade in Hindi as Milan and in Tamil as Praptham.
Story Details:
The film features a love story and wonderful tale of relationships in two timelines. The balance of music and literature makes the story even more beautiful to watch. The film begins when the modern couple Gopinath (ANR) and Radha (Savitri) visit the banks of Godavari for Honeymoon. It was when they happen to see and old building and come to know that it belonged to a zamindar and they see two graves. Seeing all these places remind them of their past life, and they happen to see an elderly lady paying respects for the graves who are none other than Gopinath and Radha in their past lives.  The film drifts to the past life where Gopi is an orphan and a boat man by profession who shares a  great bonding with Radha the daughter of zamindar who travels to college by his boat every day. Gowri (Jamuna) is a shepherd girl who loves Gopi immensely but he admires Radha with a pure heart.  However, things change when Radha gets married to another guy for selfish motives of her uncle (Nagabhushanam) but she later becomes a widow due to the sad demise of her husband. Gopi feels disturbed with Radha’s sad fate and tries to console her but this is misunderstood by the villagers and they sadly die in the floods of River Godavari.

The film ends by the current time line where the happily married couple Gopi and Radha cremate Gowri (Jamuna) near their graves of past life.

ANR is excellent as the rustic boat man of past life and the modern person in the new life. His histrionics as the villager are brilliant in every respect. His performance has various shades such as happiness, concern, innocence, sadness, affection and anger. Savitri is at her best again as the educated daughter of zamindar family who is considerate towards Gopi and later as the distraught widow. Jamuna gave her career best performance as the vivacious village girl and a true woman of love and sacrifice.

Technical Aspects:
Music is one of the greatest assets for this film. Songs like Eenati ee bandham, Godari Gattundhi, Gouramma Nee Mogudevaramma, Naa Maata Nee Nota , Padutha Teeyaga are golden classics in Telugu Cinema- not only for the music but also for fantastic picturization.  Dialogues by Athreya and Mullapudi, Direction by Adurthi Subbarao lay the foundation for such a strong film.
Cast and Crew:
Gopinath and Gopi- ANR
Radha – Savitri
Gowri- Jamuna
Rajendra- Nagabhushanam
Zamindar- Gummadi
Radha’s Husband- Padmanabham
Zamindar’s Wife- Suryakantham
Dialogues:  Athreya and Mullapudi
Lyrics: Athreya,  Dasaradhi and Kosaraju
Music:  K.V.Mahadevan
Producer: C.Sundaram
Direction : Adurthi Subbarao
Banner: Babu Movies
Release Date: 31st January 1964


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