• Cast , Vijaya Shanti
  • BannerSumanth Art Productions
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography S. Gopal Reddy
  • Music Raj-Koti
  • Producer M.S Raju
  • Director Kodi Rama Krishna
  • Audio release date NA

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Shatruvu (1991) story at a glance

Shatruvu is a unique crime thriller film starring Venkatesh and Vijayashanthi in the lead. The film has power packed narration and a strong story which made Venkatesh emerge as a stylish hero in Telugu Cinema. The film was a huge blockbuster and was directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. It had some great soundtrack which aided the film to become stylish in every respect.

Story Details:
Ashok (Venkatesh) is a fearless youth and a junior lawyer who works under his guardian (Vijaykumar).  Kota Srinivasa Rao plays a funny yet cruel villain where he gets stuck in a land grabbing case. Vijaykumar is the one who takes up the case and it is when our villain gets him and his wife (Sangeetha) killed brutally in front of the court premises. Ashok gets shocked to see the incident but despite having so many eye witnesses, he fails to do justice for his guardian’s murder . Ashok decides to go against the failed justice system and plans for revenge. He also has a love interest (Vijayashanthi) in the past who becomes a Police.  The rest of the story is about whether Ashok succeeds in taking revenge.

Venkatesh is brilliant in the lead role as an angry youth and a lawyer. His histrionics were brilliant in the emotional scenes along with good on screen chemistry with Vijayashanthi. They both look ravishing in the songs and act well in every frame they arrive. Vijayakumar has little to perform but he does well. It is however Kota Srinivasa Rao who steals the show with his comedy timing and peculiar mannerisms. Brahmanandam, Nagesh, Maharshi Raghava , Babu Mohan and so on play some crucial roles in the film.

Technical Aspects:
Cinematography by S.Gopal Reddy shines in every frame and he does great job in giving a stylish appeal to the film. Music by Raj-Koti is very good with appropriate usage of background score and good songs. Poddhunne Puttindhi and Amma Sampangi Reku became chartbusters. The production values by  M.S.Raju are adequate and Kodi Ramakrishna’s skilful direction gives the film a great charm.

Cast and Crew:
Ashok- Venkatesh
Ashok’s Love Interest- Vijayashanthi
Ashok’s Guardian- Vijaykumar
Villian- Kota Srinvasa Rao
Constable- Brahmanandam
House Owner- Babu Mohan


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