Power Cuts - House Fulls!

By - March 15, 2013 - 12:31 PM IST

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You are just about to start preparing for your test tomorrow or you are in the middle of some very important thing…suddenly power cut! "Beep…beep…beep” goes our mouth but on the flip side, this anonymous ‘current vadu’ is indeed doing a greater good to cinema. Didn’t get the logic?

Well, no rocket science here. With the stipulated 12hr, 8hr and 4hr power cuts in the villages, towns and cities respectively, people are usually diverted to cinema. This is one of the reasons, why all our filmmakers concentrate the summer season. With summer vacation falling place and the intolerable mischief by the kid monsters, the morning shows and matinees turn housefull. At least to take a nap in the scorching heat, some visit air conditioned theatres even if they are playing a terrible mediocre English dubbing movie.

With more than 70% of the revenue generated out of the so called ‘B and C centers’ [according to cine trade pundits], these power cuts nudge crowds to the theatres. Keeping apart the big players, this season is particularly beneficial for the low budget films, provided they manage to win a positive talk. But, the greater good done is prominently in the week days. Weekends are anyways housefull but weekdays with power cuts can now be better for the theatres benefitting their popcorn and beverage business as well.

P.S: Given the above theory, ‘Current vadu’ is not such a brat!