Rajamouli Congratulates his 'Eega' Team!

By - March 19, 2013 - 02:01 AM IST

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Rajamouli is so elated about the 'Eega' winning the National Awards. He congratulated the team personally and tweeted the following.

"Thanks a ton guys, for all the congratulatory messages. Will convey the wishes to the whole team. Best Vfx is almost expected:) Personal congrats 2 Makuta in particular to their young animation team for believing & working hard 2 achieve that. Congratulations & thanks 2 my producer Sai garu 4 believing in content & emotion of ‘Eega’ and Suresh Babu garu 4 his ability to envision my dream.But I would have been really happy had Sudeep received the recognition for his extraordinary efforts. ‘Eega’ is not the same without him.”

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